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What exactly is what is a Hyper Casual game?

What exactly is what is a Hyper Casual game?

Gamers generally prefer a storyline and compelling visuals when playing games. Hyper Casual real money games india, on contrary, concentrate on the other. They are free of plot or story, but they are games that can be played quickly and typically only minutes to play. These games aren’t requiring any instructions and won’t consume much space on your smartphone. If you decide playing these games, you’ll realize that although they’re simple to play, they offer an extremely high level of enjoyment and replicability. A very well-known hyper-casual games is and addicted Flappy Bird, which earns 50 thousand dollars of sales each day. The game is free available on Google Play and iOS platforms and is currently ranked top of the list globally.

Here are some stats to illustrate how mobile hyper-casual games have become popular:

  • The last year, hyper-casual has increased the percentage of gaming apps installed as high as 3.5 times.
  • 101 million new players were first introduced to video gaming due to the hyper-casual games.
  • The market for games that are hyper-casual has reached 2.5 billion dollars
  • The hyper-casual gamers have 10x more applications and see two times more video advertisements when compared to other gaming genres.

The game that is considered to be hyper-casual will often earn money from advertisements in the app, not purchases. The main strategy to make money from these games is in creating the game quickly, and then presenting the game to the public. Once the game has been released and released, the aim of companies that make mobile games is to get it in front of as many people as they can. After the game has gained a substantial number of players, revenues are generated through paid advertisements.

So, we can conclude that games that are hyper-casual are popular with a large age-group. With the amount of hyper-casual games being released every year, we can discern that the mobile gaming industry invests in it.

The Reasons Hyper Casual Games are Popular

It’s Easy to Play

The main point of the hyper-casual game is their basic nature. Mobile games certainly are more accessible with regards to skill. That means when you play video games, you do not need to be an expert player to start enjoying it. Once you’ve become accustomed to the fundamentals of the game it immediately captures your attention and can become extremely addictive. This is the reason it appeals to the vast majority of people.

The graphics in these games tend to be higher than average, yet despite this it is frequently played on mobile devices. It also indicates that the game has a long-lasting durability as well as retention rate.

The Features

Gaming must provide captivating gameplay to draw in gamers. Hyper casual games don’t have to follow this rule. They’re engaging enough to allow the replicability to continue but they don’t conform to the strict rule of plots. Gameplay refers to the elements of the video game that you play as well as the user experience. This includes the plot mechanics, game rules, mechanics as well as sound effects. The games that are considered to be hyper casual need to be appealing enough to keep players engaged.


The most popular games to experience are played 99/100 released with a no-cost-to-play model. If a game is available for available for free, it is able to have greater accessibility and is able to be played by people across all age groups. In the Google Play and iOS platforms you can find hundreds of games that are free to play. So, the greater the game is available, the higher the demand for the game.

Do you have the ability to build it yourself?

The creation of Hyper Casual games needs a storyline that provides an enjoyable user experience. The mobile game must utilize only the simplest mechanics in order to create highly effective games. Thus, games have to be developed within the shortest timeframe and also. While playing games, players should be able to quickly grasp the game’s idea within a matter of minutes of the game’s start. The game’s creator must be aware of new mobile trends that could be integrated into the game.

Ludo is an excellent example of a board game.

Who can be a Hyper casual gamer?

These gamers like us people who want to pass the time in a state of boredom. This could happen when we’re on the train , a bus, or sitting in the line. People who are hyper-casual don’t really care about genres so long as they’re entertaining and efficient.

In this case, gamers do not seek out complex strategies or games. They just want an abundance of enjoyment and entertainment, as a way to pass the time. Some games have timers so that players can feel an experience of satisfaction following the win of a competition. Players can be immersed in an entirely different world or persona for a short period of time.

The use of money within Hyper Casual Games

In 2023, gaming experts believe that the appeal of hyper-casual gaming will not just grow but will nearly double. 17.6 million games that were hyper-casual installations were every day since January 2021. That equates to 12.5 percent of the total online money earning game installations.

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