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What Are The Two Main Categories Of Screen Printing?

Screen printing, also known as silkscreen printing or silkscreen printing. It is a printing method in which finely woven silkscreen provides support to the printing plate. Also, the screen frame tightly holds the screen. 

The material to be printed is placed under the screen frame, and the liquid ink is squeezed down by a “squeegee” and penetrates the porous material downward to transfer the graphic part of the ink-permeable printing plate to the material to be printed.

Screen printing is different from other printing forms in that it uses pigment inks to form a thick ink film on the paper surface to produce bright and vivid colors. Screen printing consists of major elements, screen printing plate, squeegee, ink, printing table, and substrate. 

Two Main Types Of Screen Printing

1. Water slurry printing

Water slurry printing is suitable for design drawings whose printing color is darker than the fabric background color, or printing colors of the same color series. Whether a color can be rendered on a certain fabric with water slurry requires debugging.

Water slurry printing has a very soft feel, is very comfortable wearing, and has the same breathability. In the choice of fabrics, water slurry printing usually chooses light colors, while in pattern design, they are all dark colors.

The most vivid metaphor is that we paint with watercolor brushes on white paper. If you want to print your apparel or any other substrate by using the screen printing technique, then you should hire the professionals like screen printing Vancouver contractors.

2. Glue printing

For clothing glue printing (the ink principle is also similar), we will all use overprint glue. What is mask printing? To make it clearer, a mask means to cover. Through screen printing, a kind of hiding pigment is printed on the dark-colored fabric.

Cover the color of the fabric itself and restore the color desired by the design draft. The glue printing has no limitation on the color of the clothes itself, but according to different clothes fabrics, the printing glue must be selected in a targeted manner.

For example, the most common high-elastic glue on the market now includes matte glue, swimwear glue, denim glue, antifreeze glue, and special printing glue for three-proof fabrics (fireproof, antifreeze, and waterproof). In addition to restoring the color composition of the design draft itself, glue printing also derives many special processes.

For example, suede foaming can make anti-fur effects; thick plates can make high and low levels; there are also luminous, reflective, fluorescent, pearlescent (or metal paste), gold and silver, shiny PU, flocking technology, Wait, each has different effects.

In general, glue printing can restore most colors on dark fabrics, and the wearing time will not affect the color vividness and three-dimensional effect, and the texture is very strong. But there is also a downside that is particular about pattern design.

Because the air permeability of glue printing is not good. The pattern is too large, and the overall comfort is not as good as water-paste printing. In view of the poor air permeability of glue printing, screen printing has two solutions.

Discharge Dyeing

The first is discharge dyeing. The principle is to destroy the dyed color of the fabric first, restore the color of the grey fabric itself, and then print the desired color with water paste to achieve the effect of printing a light color on a dark-colored fabric with a close feel. Water slurry. Pull first, then dye.


Discharging is the second method in which a special printing paste directly adjusts the desired color, and then prints it on the fabric of the clothing.

The paste itself has ingredients that can destroy the dyeing of the fabric, and at the same time, the paste itself. The color of the cloth is once again covered on the cloth fibers.

Benefits Of Screen Printing

The advantages of screen printing are described below:

Low Cost

The cost of plate making is relatively low, printing is convenient, feasible, and flexible in variability. Especially in the age of showing individuality and pursuing excellence, manual screen printing cannot be replaced by most machines and digital, especially the special printing process mentioned before.

If you want to design promotional t-shirts for your business, then hire professionals who offer good services at low cost like t shirt printing Toronto professionals.

Adaptability To Various Fabrics

Although screen printing does not achieve the accuracy of digital printing and digital direct injection for the reduction of complex patterns, the color fastness of screen printing, the adaptability to various fabrics, and the design sense of various clothes have a very big advantage. Many people who want to customize high-end cultural shirts will choose screen printing.

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