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What are the Symptoms of Psoriasis and How to Cure it?


 Treating psoriasis generally requires several distinct methods. This may involve life changes, nutrition, phototherapy, and medications. Treatment depends on the depth of your symptoms, your age, your overall health, and other factors. Doctors will frequently test several methods before choosing the right treatment for you. People can find the best ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis in India.


The options for psoriasis treatment depend on the following factors:


  •  The seriousness of your psoriasis 
  •  How much of your body is affected 
  •  Your type of psoriasis 
  •  How well your skin responds to primary treatments 


 Numerous common treatments are meant to cure the symptoms of the complaint. They try to ease the itching, peeling of the skin and reduce the outburst. Dermatologists also suggest that people with psoriasis use scent-free and dye free detergents, cleansers, and moisturizers to keep irritation of the skin to a minimum. 


 The common treatments for psoriasis, from primary treatments like topical creams to a new class of medicines called biologics.


 Topical treatments for psoriasis 


The Treatments that are directly applied to the skin are known as topical treatments. They include 


  •  Creams 
  •  Ointments 
  •  Lotions 
  •  Gels 


 They are commonly the primary level of treatment for people with mild to moderate psoriasis. But in some cases, they’re used in combination with another type of treatment.  Prescription medicines that are used to treat psoriasis may result in certain side effects. so, you might seek natural treatments to help handle your psoriasis symptoms. 


 One form of natural medicine is called Ayurvedic drugs. Let’s check out whether it’s effective for people with psoriasis.  Ayurveda is an ancient, holistic form of treatment that began in northern India. It’s based on the premise that good health depends on a healthy body, mind, and spirit. 

 It relies heavily on herbal remedies and living a healthy life, which includes:

Herbal Remedies

  •  A healthy diet 
  •  Yoga 
  •  Meditation 
  •  Detoxification 

Ayurvedic Doshas


 Practitioners of Ayurveda believe that every person has a different energy pattern made of three types of powers. These powers are known as doshas, and they include: 


  1. Vata energy, which controls fleshly functions 
  2. Pitta energy, which controls metabolic functions 
  3. Kapha energy, the last one, which handle growth in the body


Ayurveda Doctors believe that if your doshas are out of balance, you may feel stressed out or fall sick because the thing about Ayurveda is to keep your doshas balanced for optimal health. 


 Ayurveda isn’t mainstream in Western medicine, but it’s gaining momentum. So Its principles may be applied to top health conditions and are occasionally used to round traditional medical treatments. 


Psoriasis is a skin complaint that causes red and itchy scaly patches, mostly on the knees, elbows, scalp, and face.  Treatments are available to help and treat you and heal the symptoms that occurred. You can change your lifestyle and build strategies to help you live more with this psoriasis disease. 




  Symptoms of psoriasis can change from one person to another. Common symptoms include: 


  •  Red patches over skin covered with thick and hard silver colour scales 
  •  Slightly scaling spots which are generally seen in children
  •  Hard and dry cracked skin that may bleed or itch 
  •  Itching, burning or soreness 
  •  Thickened, levelled, or dispersed nails 
  •  Swollen and stiff joints 


 Patches due to psoriasis can range from many spots of dandruff suchlike scaling to major outbreaks that cover large areas. The most generally affected areas are the lower back, elbows, knees, legs, soles of the feet, scalp, face, and palms. 


 Panchakarma therapy 


The main Ayurveda treatment used to cure psoriasis is Panchakarma therapy. Panchakarma treatments involve factory-grounded remedies and diet changes. These help to detoxify and cleanse the body. A vegetarian diet is often suggested. 


 The Panchakarma treatments include: 


  •  Consuming treated ghee, a form of cleared butter 
  •  Cleansing and vomiting 
  •  Dripping cared buttermilk on a person’s head 
  •  Covering the entire body with a paste of drugs and mud 
  •  Performing treated enemas 


 The term and success of your treatment directly depend on the depth of your psoriasis and your commitment to the treatment. 


Other Ayurvedic herbal remedies are:  

Herbal Remedies to follow

  •  Gand onions to cleanse the blood 
  •  Jasmine flower paste to soothe itching and reduce the inflammation 
  •  Neem to boost the immune system and cleanse the blood 
  •  Turmeric to reduce the inflammation, greenishness, and swelling
  •  Boswellia (Indian frankincense) to decrease the inflammation and support the immune system.

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