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What are the disadvantages of Instagram?



As you all must be aware that social media platforms play an important role for us. From this we should understand that today everyone wants to make his mark with social media services. So that he can do his work easily and at the same time can become popular. But it looks very easy to see. But when we try to make a new identity on social media we get to know. How hard do we need to work on social media? Which you will get to see a lot of benefits.


So let’s now talk about the disadvantages of Instagram, then let me tell you that its disadvantages are as follows:


Difficult to get new followers: 

Instagram is a very popular social media platform. On which if you want to start from your beginning, then you will have to face a lot of difficulties in the beginning. Because first of all you will need followers and it is not that easy on Instagram. Building our followers That’s why we also have trouble getting followers.


Instagram rules are: 

If you are an Instagram user. So you will know that if we do anything according to our wish on Instagram. So we may have to pay for it. Because in Instagram you have to follow its rules. So that you stick to it, if you do some activity by breaking the rules of Instagram, then Instagram can close your account. Which can cause you a lot of trouble.


Pressure on Content Creators:

Those who are already famous content creators on Instagram. Or account and influencers. They are under pressure from Instagram. If you create content that goes against our guidelines, you create what we say. So we can also ban your account. That’s why Instagram puts pressure on content creators. So that no wrong content can be done on Instagram.




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