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Now that we are stuck inside more than we are used to, it’s time for you to make your little space work effectively for you. Do you have any clue that your home might be housing more harmful pollutants than the outside? These harmful gases are called Volatile organic compounds or VOC. Things like air fresheners, craft supplies, paints, and even household cleaners could be emitting harmful volatile organic compounds all around you. But you need not worry because we are going to tell you how you can solve this problem and create clean air space to match that clean workspace with plants. Before you get started with your flower delivery online you might be wondering, do these plants really have health benefits? Can they boost your mood? Do indoor plants really clean the air around you? We shall be talking about all of that and more. Let us get to know about some of the most interesting plants that one must have in their house. 



This unique plant has to be one of the easiest plants to find and nourish. Even if you have a knack for destroying plants, the spider plant might be right for you. This plant looks really cool and likes lots of bright and indirect sunlight. This one is safe if you have pets at your home as it is non-toxic and is remarkably tolerant. You shall water it once a week. According to a NASA study, spider plants are fantastic at getting rid of formaldehyde from the air. It won’t hurt to keep a spider plant near your workspace to get most of the cleansing health benefits of this plant. This plant removes carbon monoxide and xylene. They grow spiderettes that can be snipped off and re-potted. Give them to your family, friends or create your own huge collection. 



This is another indoor plant that is really easy to nurture. It prefers to be on the drier side, so you should not need to water them every day and it can take a wide range of light levels so it should be okay to place this plant in any room of your house. As long as the room gets some sunlight, it will grow. This plant looks cool and is said to release oxygen into the air along with removing harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, xylene, Benzene, toluene, and Trichloroethylene. They are believed to be the most tolerant plants, you can neglect them for several days yet they will manage to grow. They suffer significantly fewer insect problems. A little bit of fertilizer can be added to enhance its growth. This plant needs to be placed in well-drained soil. 



If you wish to add a splash of colours to your living room or kitchen, Chrysanthemums or mums are an excellent choice. You can order flowers online from florists or get the plants directly from a nursery. They come in different shades like white, orange, yellow, and pink. If you have a pet at your house, you must beware as this plant is toxic for animals. While inside, keep these plants damp in sunlight. When the weather is warm, you can place them outside too. Chrysanthemums are at the top of the list when it comes to air purification. They are said to remove common toxins such as xylene, formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia. However, they are only working when the flowers are in bloom. So you get about six weeks of purification with these plants. It requires well-draining soil with consistent moisture. 



Figs is one of the top contenders for cleaning airborne toxins xylene, toluene, and formaldehyde, which can build up from carpet and furniture cleaners or stain removers. Unfortunately, this plant is toxic to cats and dogs and must be kept away from pets. On the upside, they are pretty easy to clean and care for. Just keep them out of direct sunlight. Keep them away from any drafts and allow the soil to get pretty dry before you start watering them again. They can get pretty big too, which can be a plus or a negative depending upon your situation. 


If you are convinced enough, you can order these Indoor plants online and start nurturing them as soon as you receive them. 

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