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What are Some of the Best Java Web Application Frameworks in 2022?

Even in the year 2022, the Java developer community remains the biggest in the world. Many of the most popular programming languages lists include Java. To help Java grow, more than 9 million Java programmers are working in Custom Java Development Company to improve the language.

In addition, Java frameworks have contributed to the growth of Java. Java developers no longer have to start from scratch every time they want to build a website or web application. But what is a Java framework, and how is it used?

What is a Framework?

For a newcomer, it may be tough to decipher the jargon and muddled explanations accessible online while looking for a description of a Java framework.

Simply stated, web frameworks are sets of libraries (predefined code) and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that invoke your code to carry out a certain activity. Web frameworks by Web development company make it easier to build websites and web applications.

Frameworks for Java

There are several frameworks available in Java. Only Java syntax and code may be used in a Java framework. There are frameworks for web apps, websites, and mobile apps all over the place these days. Backend web development is often done using Java Web Application Frameworks. So, let’s have a look at top 10 Jave Web Application Frameworks in 2022.


An open-source Java framework called Vert.X provides a wealth of development choices. Because of its sensitivity, it reacts to every system change and occurrence, which is linked to its asynchronicity quality. There is no need to worry about blocking or multithreading with this feature. A multilingual framework, it works with a variety of programming languages with no problems at all. It quickly rose to prominence in the technical world as a result of its multilingualism.


Blade is a Java framework that is known for its elegance, intuitiveness, productivity, and speed. A high-performance framework that is so simple to learn that it can be used effectively in only one day was the major goal of the instrument’s developers. Using Blade will not take up a lot of space or resources. Its primary goal is to maintain the confidentiality of all user data.

It can operate with a wide range of plug-in extensions and resources due to its high degree of flexibility.


Dropwizard is a Java framework and a library all in one lightweight package. Coders choose it because of its dependability, productivity, ease of use, and quickness. A variety of Java libraries are brought together in this package, making it easier for programmers to concentrate on their work and get things done more quickly. This framework aims to provide the stability required to make Java development services ready for production with in-built tools to assist proper settings and performance of the system.


Grails is a good choice for newbies. Groovy is the programming language of choice. There are many similarities between Groovy and Java. Java is the platform of choice for Grails, which follows the MVC style and may be written in the Java language. It is GSP (Groovy Server Pages) that renders in Grails, while GORM (Grails ORM) is the ORM implementation. Is it possible to use both Java and Groovy in the same project? It’ll work just fine. As previously mentioned, Grails allows for seamless integration of Grails and Java code.


Vaadin provides a whole different way of working since it removes the need to worry about client-server connections and routing. An open-source platform allows for a wide range of customization options. Vaadin’s UI components take care of the browser’s actions, so you can develop your application entirely in Java. Vaadin is a cross-platform framework, which means that you may move your code from one platform to another.


In order to compile and optimise code, Quarkus was built as a full-stack framework. It allows the development and distribution of images without the need for any manual file creation. Using Quarkus Java developers may create a cloud-ready application. Its goal is to provide developers with a flexible framework that can function with a wide range of application architectures since it is built on top of the greatest Java libraries. Because it’s free and open-source, new features and improvements are always welcome.

In addition to the trouble-free development process made possible by Quarkus’ sophisticated tools, libraries, and add-ons,


Developed and maintained by Apache Software Foundation, it is an open-source Java EE (Enterprise Edition) web framework. Struts has been published twice by Apache, the first in 2000 and the second in 2006. Java Virtual Machine (JVM) support is provided by both of them.

Developers choose it for building Java-based web applications, as do those who use other Java frameworks. Furthermore, it adheres to the MVC design pattern. Because Struts has its own syntax, Java programmers must first get familiar with it. Despite this, the rapid growth process makes it worthwhile to learn.

Beginner Java developers may find it difficult to work with due to the framework’s convoluted syntax and approach. There are several third-party packages and front-end interfaces that may be used with Struts.

Google’s Web Toolkit, or GWT

GWT is a Java-based front-end web application development framework created by Google. It has a well-structured documentation that helps developers better grasp it. A Google product, it’s an easy-to-use yet effective tool.

Despite the fact that it was created for a client-side application, it is now capable of creating both client-side and server-side web applications. This does not detract from its superiority as a platform for software development, though. Complex applications may be built using GWT as well.


Spring Boot + Angular + React + View are only some of the technologies used in the JHipster platform, which is designed for online application development and deployment.It is a strong challenger for the open-source community due to the fact that it is open-source, supports a number of front-end languages, and has built-in administrative capabilities such as email verification and password reset. This piece of framework offers a comprehensive selection of several microservice architectures.

JHipster makes use of a wide variety of third-party libraries, all of which you should get acquainted with before plunging in deep. This just serves to make things more complicated. Because there is such a wide and active user community, it is feasible to receive papers on IT infrastructures that are both comprehensive and well studied.


Hilla is a Spring Boot and TypeScript framework. Fast and high quality apps may be created using its powerful features. Because it is open source, you can simply make changes. Rich UI features provide you access to a wide range of pre-made graphic components.

It is very adaptable, quick, and customizable. Routing options for clients, built-in security, and increased efficiency and scalability enable you to extend your infrastructure in line with your business’s growth.


The top 10 Java frameworks have been outlined above. Each of them has a different set of characteristics that make it easier to build web applications. A Java developer must be well-versed in a wide range of Java frameworks in order to choose the most appropriate one for a given set of circumstances. These frameworks in Java may help you become a better Java programmer, therefore utilise them.

Manish Vyas

Manish Vyas is the creative Front-end team lead at Peerbits, a mobile app development company known to provide result-driven end-to-end IT solutions to various industries across the globe. His creative mindset, innovative thoughts, and leadership skills in handling the more complex problems and continuing to find ways to maximize user experience have helped Peerbits see consistent growth.

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