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What are Functional Skills Qualifications and Why Do They Matter?

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In today’s economy, it is more important than ever to have a strong set of functional skills qualifications. So what are functional skills qualifications, and why do they matter? In this blog post, we will discuss the definition of functional skills qualifications, what they entail, and how they can benefit your career. We will also explore some of the top reasons why employers value functional skills 

qualifications. If you’re looking to improve your career prospects, read on!

What are Functional Skills Qualifications?

Functional Skills qualifications are designed to give people the practical skills they need to function effectively in life and work. They cover basic literacy and numeracy, as well as more specific skills such as communication, ICT and problem-solving.

Functional Skills qualifications are available at three different levels: Entry Level, Level One and Level Two. The level you take will depend on your current skills and abilities.

Functional Skills qualifications can be taken as stand-alone qualifications or as part of another qualification, such as a GCSE or A level. They are also increasingly being included in apprenticeship frameworks.

If you’re not sure whether Functional Skills qualifications are right for you, talk to your tutor or contact the awarding body. They will be able to advise you on the best way to boost your skills.

How to Prepare For Functional Skills Examination?

If you are planning to take a Functional Skills Examination, there are a few things that you can do to prepare. First, make sure that you have a clear understanding of the content that will be covered on the exam. This can be practised by enrolling in various functional skills online courses. Next, familiarize yourself with the format of the exam and practise answering questions in that format. Finally, try to relax and stay calm on the day of the exam – it is important to remember that this is just one assessment and not an indication of your overall ability or intelligence. 

How to Give Functional Skills Examination?

Giving a functional skills examination can be a daunting task, but with proper preparation, it can be manageable. Here are some tips on how to give a functional skills examination:

  • Choose the right time and place for the exam. The time of day and location can impact how well the examinee does on the exam. Choose a time when the examinee is likely to be alert and able to focus.
  • Make sure the examinee understands the instructions. It is important that the examinee knows what is expected of them during the exam. Be clear and concise when giving instructions.
  • Give ample time for breaks. The examinee will need breaks during the exam in order to stay focused. Plan for breaks ahead of time so that the exam can be completed in a timely manner.
  • Be available to answer questions. The examinee may have questions during the exam. Be sure to be available to answer any questions that come up.

With these tips, giving a functional skills examination can be a smooth process. Just remember to prepare ahead of time and be available to answer any questions that come up.

The Benefits of having Functional Skills Qualifications

There are many benefits of having functional skills and qualifications. Functional skills qualifications can help you to:

  • Develop the skills you need for employment
  • Progress in your chosen career
  • Upgrade your ICT skills
  • Improve your Maths skills
  • Improve your English skills
  • Give you a nationally recognised qualification

Functional skills qualifications can make you more employable and can help you to progress in your chosen career. They improve your Maths, English and ICT skills, which are essential for many jobs. They also give you a nationally recognised qualification, which is highly valued by employers. If you’re thinking about taking a functional skills qualification, we would encourage you to do so! You could find it makes a big difference to your future prospects.


Functional skills qualifications are important because they provide people with the essential skills that they need to succeed in work and life. These qualifications can help people get jobs, keep jobs, and progress in their careers. They also give people the opportunity to learn new skills and develop their existing ones. Finally, functional skills qualifications are beneficial for employers because they ensure that employees have the necessary skills to do their jobs effectively.

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