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Website Loading Speed Optimization with Fastvert

Headless CMS Development

If you want to reach the correct audience with your company website, you will need a lot of support, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, for your website created with headless wordpress to function properly, you will need a variety of elements that fit together. Website Speed Optimization is one of the jigsaw components, and without it, you will lag behind the competition.

What is website speed optimization?

Website speed refers to how quickly your website’s content loads, and website speed optimization is the process of reducing and increasing the time it takes for your web pages to load. It is a simple but significant addition to your site that will affect your Google ranking as well as your conversion rates. Slow speed may both slow you down and ensure that your consumer loses interest in you quickly if you run an online service. To provide one of the greatest user experiences possible, you must optimize your website created with headless wordpress and NextJS for page speed loading.

Why is website speed important?

When it comes to your website, first impressions are essential. You only have a few seconds to interest your consumers and visitors, and having a website created with headless WordPress and NextJS that loads quickly can assist. People will abandon your site if your pages are too sluggish! Website developers and testers work hard to ensure that your website appears beautiful, functions effectively, and runs smoothly if the content is not properly optimized.

Anyone who visits your website will notice the speed with which it loads. People about half of the population will not wait more than a few seconds for a website to load like using headless WordPress and NextJS. Convenience is important, and quickness is an important aspect of the user experience. Everyone believes that a fast website is more dependable and professional than any other alternative for your company. It is up to you to change that unfavorable perception, which isn’t always simple! Speed can also have an impact on your SEO rankings, perhaps pushing you off the main page and affecting your conversions.

How does page speed affect SEO?

Page speed has an impact on SEO and is a ranking factor. It’s also something that will have an indirect impact on your rankings by lowering dwell time and bounce rates. With Google, the user comes first, and website loading time has been a primary ranking factor for mobile searches since 2018. Websites created with headless WordPress and NextJS are super fast.

How to speed up page load time?

There are a number of methods to reduce the time it takes for a page to load, and we have included a few options below:

Activating your browser cache

You may reduce the time it takes for a web page to load by using browser caching. It will speed up the loading of websites on a variety of visits. It is required for your site to function since it allows it to temporarily store data and information.

Minimize your resources

When you make too many requests for CSS files and HTTP queries, your site’s performance will suffer. It is critical that you keep these resources to a minimum in order to enhance page performance and minimize lag periods.

Do not forget image compression

There are also bigger picture files that might slow down your website. You may minimize the time it takes to download your JavaScript and HTML files by using Gzip compression. The lag time can be reduced by compressing the photographs.

Optimize media

Images and videos that are too large might slow down your site. This is especially true for mobile users, and you can avoid it by making sure your material is optimized properly.

Cleaning up your database

Without immediate attention, a website’s database may soon get clogged with unneeded items such as draught articles, stored page modifications, and plugins/applications that aren’t being used. To clean up your database, you may use a variety of tools.

Best website speed test tools

You may use several excellent tools for Website Speed Optimization. These are some of them:

PageSpeed Insights

This is a free, simple-to-use diagnostic tool that can provide advice. It is a developer tool, and it is one of the greatest methods to gather the data you need to aid and enhance the performance of your website. Simply input your URL in the given field, and you will receive a report with crucial areas to watch out for.


GTmetrix is an amazing website performance analyzer that is very easy to use, with a user-friendly interface, a powerful free tier, and extensive advice. On your speed test, you will get a set of results based on the Canadian server. A comprehensive list of possible concerns is supplied, which is sorted by the significant role played, and it can also tell you how well you are doing!

Author Bio:- Mr. Gerry is a technical content writer like to write about various technology blog WordPress development themes and plugin Development he owns an author account at free guest posting sites.

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