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Ways to Fix Freezing iPhone Camera

iPhone Camera

iPhone is famous for all of its features. The camera of each iPhone never fails to provide high-quality pictures and videos. However, some users have been complaining that the camera application sometimes tends to just freeze or show a black screen. This problem can be because of different reasons. This might be because you have not updated to the latest software version. There is nothing to worry about as it is considered one of the common iOS issues that many will experience. Before you decide to go to a mobile repair store near you, have a look at the below-mentioned points to fix the issue.


  1. Quit the application and relaunch

This might work in most instances. When you see that your iPhone camera is freezing it could be a great problem for you each time. You could simply quit the application and re-launch the application again. By quitting we simply mean that you must swipe up from the bottom of your screen to close the camera application. Do not forget to swap it out from the background applications that keep on running. Once you clear this path you are all good to open the application again. This might be happening because of too many applications running in the background together.


  1. Restart the device

This is one of the basic tricks that we look up to when any problems come up with a mobile phone. When your phone is lagging or freezing, the easiest way to get out of the situation is to restart it. Giving a little rest to your iPhone may help it to reboot itself and makeup to better functioning.


  1. Reset all settings

When any of the tricks do not seem to work out for you, this might be the only option that remains. You can simply reset all the settings on your iPhone. Your phone might be stuck into the daily routine functioning that it follows to provide you with the experience. But it is also necessary that you keep in mind that if you remove all the existing settings and change them back to the factory default, you might see some changes. You might have to set everything again according to you once Mobile starts acting in a normal way. To follow this you can go to the settings menu followed by general and followed by reset all settings. Your iOS device may also ask you to enter the screen lock password to move forward.


  1. Delete unwanted things

We do not realize but we often pile up many things on a mobile phone. Your iPhone might need some clutter to relax. Your phone might be freezing because of the heavy pressure that you have put on your mobile phone. This means that you need to free up some space on your iPhone so that it has Space to load its activities. This might help you to get out of the freezer screen or the black screen that you are experiencing. You can simply see the storage of your iPhone by going to the settings application and clicking on generally followed by iPhone storage. You are you will be able to view which application on your mobile phone is occupying how much space. Accordingly, you can be clutter unwanted files at your convenience


  1. Update to the latest software version

This is another important step that is a simple one but we often keep ourselves away from it because of procrastination. None of the tricks might seem to work with you but this will always work. Updating to the latest software version is something that each user should do not only to fix the Lego series but will be able to enjoy new features. Updating to the new software update also helps in fixing errors and bug fixes that help in the proper performance of the iPhone. Apple keeps refining iOS with frequent updates you can count on the software update to resolve the camera issues on your iPhone. To see if you have any software updates available you can go to settings applications on your iPhone followed by general And click on software update. You can download and install the latest version of iOS available on your iPhone.

These tricks should save your iPhone from freezes and legs. However, if at you are not satisfied with your iPhone then you can simply decide to sell an old phone for cash. Yes, this might be the best option available if you are unhappy with your mobile phone even after repair services. You can make a great amount out of your mobile phone by selling it through online sources. You must keep in mind that you verify the website or company with whom you select to sell Your iPhone.

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