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Video walls have the narrowest bezels, most flexible mounting systems

Planar’s LCD video walls have the narrowest bezels, most flexible mounting systems, and slimmest profiles.

Planar’s video walls are unique in the industry because they combine the best-in-class LCD panels with the narrowest bezels, most flexible mounting systems and slimmest profiles in the industry. The combination of superior image quality, innovative features and unrivaled value makes Planar LCD video walls. Ideal for use in classrooms, meeting rooms, airports, hospitals, retail environments and more. You can rest assured that no matter where you put your Planar video wall or how you choose to mount it.  You’ll never lose sight of what matters most — your content and your message.

Narrow Bezels

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of pixels — that’s why Planar’s video wall screens boast some of the industry’s narrowest bezels. Our SlimLite products deliver stunning images with ultra-thin 1 borders that maximize screen real estate and minimize overall dimensions, making them an ideal solution for visualizing your data in record time. In fact, at just 31⁄4, Planar SlimLite is significantly thinner than many competitive models. Plus with innovative pivoting capabilities you can even mount a video wall on any flat surface or hang it on a wall like traditional artwork—without sacrificing your slim design footprint.

Flexible Mounting Systems

Planar’s Planar VTM and PXTM video wall system solutions give you flexibility in designing your video wall project. We can provide you with integrated video wall brackets for frameless or semi-frameless cabinet style displays, and rail kits or pole mounts for any of our other chassis options (Ceiling Mounts & Tension Arms). When working with VESA mounted displays a variety of 100mm tilt adapters are available as well to allow a full range of ergonomic possibilities in tilting your display monitors up to a maximum of 20 degrees down from vertical orientation.

Slim Profile

When looking for a video wall system, one of the main concerns is probably how big it can be before it appears like an eye sore or just plain weird. Planar’s LED displays are available in sizes up to 98 inches and in ultra-slim models that achieve a mere 2mm thick (42) or 3mm thick (55). This makes Planar displays perfect for digital signage where other clients might use an entire room to display one screen because they need a bigger screen than standard 42 or 55 inch monitors can provide them with. Or maybe you want to save on space by building your own cubicle like environment but still need all those extra pixels?

Crystal Clarity Display

While Planar has been in business for decades, we’re proud to deliver one of our latest innovations: Crystal Clarity Display. At Planar, we know displays better than anyone else – after all, that’s our business! We won Best Branded Display Line at ISE 2012 – an event dedicated exclusively to display technologies – because of our commitment to constantly improving every pixel on every screen.

And with Crystal Clarity Display you can enjoy even more brilliance from every single pixel on your screen as colors are brighter and images are clearer than ever before – so you can get a crisp image even when you’re standing off center or viewing it from an angle! So how do we achieve such amazing clarity? With patented Advanced Super View technology, which uses two different polarizers (one vertical and one horizontal) to filter out ambient light reflections and eliminate glare. This means that no matter where you stand in relation to your LCD display wall, what you see is always crystal clear!

Customized Solutions Available

By incorporating advanced electronics, Planar offers custom solutions to meet each customer’s individual needs. Our digital signage displays are design to drive productivity and maximize business efficiency in retail, hospitality, commercial office spaces and other public environments such as sports stadiums or transportation hubs through their ability to provide real-time information at a glance. A video wall can help broadcast live video feeds or deliver video streams from social media sites like Facebook® or Twitter®. With technologies including Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® Smart and third-party control options such as IR Touch Screen Control, a full array of integrated features is available without compromising visual performance or clarity.


Planar brings you all of these displays with our Full-Motion Video Wall System, designed to meet your video wall needs in any application or environment. The advanced technology behind our video wall system means Planar video walls are equipped with a number of features that not only make them ideal for applications such as digital signage, but also for environments where space is at a premium (hospitality/retail). Use Cases : Hotel lobbies Museum exhibits Stadium Jumbotrons Retail store entrances Airport check-in displays Digital signage solutions just to name a few… Contact us today to find out more about Planar’s award-winning full motion video wall system!


Planar’s LCD video wall displays are all about delivering high value. Each display comes with a risk-free 3-year warranty and free technical support by phone or email—which should make you worry less about your purchase and more about creating your next big thing! And what if you end up not needing that extra display? No problem! Return it to Planar within 30 days for a full refund of your original purchase price. Talk about peace of mind!

Usage of Video Wall

For businesses that want to display information in a larger way, LCD video walls are an ideal solution. Digital Signage from Planar give businesses several benefits including easy-to-change graphics; multiple sources of content like webpages, social media feeds or live feeds from security cameras; as well as secure content for financial institutions or other enterprises who need to keep data safe and secure. To learn more about how you can use a digital signage display in your business, contact us today at (888) 317-1119. We’ll walk you through all of our options, help with choosing which LCD display is right for your business, and even provide free 3D CAD models so you can see exactly what your new sign will look like before it ships.

Our experts know what it takes to create stunning LCD displays with stunningly narrow bezels – no matter what size screen or configuration is right for your space. So whether you’re shopping for an interactive tabletop display with direct touch control, a wall mountable digital signage solution that requires no external computer equipment, or one of our many award-winning full video wall solutions – we’re here to help! We’ll even make sure it ships quickly with same day shipping on many items and next day delivery available if needed.

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