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Useful Tips on Choosing the Best Employment Agency Toronto

1. Do Your Homework

If you are looking to hire an employment agency in Toronto. Do the same research you do when evaluating the potential candidate. Take a look at their LinkedIn profile to see their work experience. Do they have a clue as to their expertise in the field you would like them to work in? Do they have the expertise as they claimed in your interview.

2. Interview Them like Candidates

Ask the recruiters to interview you as you would interview a prospective applicant for employment. Ask: Do you have any candidates for my job already in your database? What will you do to find and assess most suitable candidates for my job? How can you keep me up-to date on the status of the candidates? What is the time frame to fill the job?

3. How Much Experience Does the Recruiter Have?

If you’re looking to hire for skills that are hard to fill this is probably the reason why you’re engaging an agency – you’ll need to locate the most qualified candidates. HRCraft have spent time creating networks of top candidates. They do not post these candidates on job boards since they don’t need to submit their resumes. You contract with the agency recruiter for their extensive network of applicants that no one could locate. This is worth more than the few dollars a time for the contract employee or the thousands of dollars it might cost for a permanent position to find the most reputable employment agency Toronto. The time-to-fill is less, and the quality of the candidates will be higher. Both of these are crucial aspects to consider when hiring and it is impossible to find them without a skilled recruiter.

4. Evaluate Their Terms

Sometimes, employment agencies are rigid with regards to contracts for talent acquisition and similar. The most efficient recruiters are flexible and can move quickly and in a creative manner to assist you and your organization to find and retain the best the best talent. One of the worst things you’d like to do is be working with a recruiter who is stuck in rigid terms.

5. Consider the agency’s Expertise

For long-term, strategic assignments employers should take into account the company’s experience and track record in the vertical. What was the date of the most recent hire? What’s the size of the network? What is the size of the database of the firm? When does the company refresh its candidate database and refill its funnels? Does the company have access to the passive networks of candidates? How do they company employ to attract new talent?


6. Be Clear About What You Want

Agent recruiters can be described as salespeople, a great one will take your input and identify someone who is the right fit. But, the employer needs to be aware of what they are seeking and explain this to the employment agency. Your concept of intermediate Excel abilities could be someone else’s concept of advanced Excel skills. It is important to be specific about what you are looking for in the person you choose to be a candidate.

HRCraft often features the practical advice and inspiring stories from industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and business experts. Be sure to subscribe to HRCraft for more helpful. If you want to show your expertise, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

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