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Unique Ways to Use Wallpaper Canada in Your Home Decor

Tackling walls is perhaps the most challenging part of home renovation. Using wallpaper Canada for your home walls presents a simple and fun way to create a statement wall. But have you ever thought of alternative ways to use wallpaper for home decoration?

Wallpapers are versatile when it comes to utility. They are available in a variety of colours, textures, and designs – a perfectly affordable way to add oomph to your home decor. Even if you cover your walls with wallpapers, a creative approach to where and how to place them can change the entire look of your home.

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What is the Best Type Of Wallpaper?

Wallpapers for homes are usually available in two basic types – paper and vinyl. If you’re looking for durable wallpapers that are easy to clean and soil-resistant, vinyl wallpapers are your best bet.

Which is the Most Durable Wallpaper?

Solid vinyl qualifies as a high-quality wallpaper for your home – it is weather resistant and waterproof, which is great if you live in hot, humid or dry environments.


wallpaper in bathroom
Wallpaper in bathrooms? Why not!

There are no two thoughts over the fact that wallpapers can transform your living spaces from drab to fab. Whether you wish to add colour, texture or pattern – wallpapers can do the trick with little hassle. But why limit the use of wallpapers for home decoration to walls alone? There is a lot that you can do to brighten up your living spaces by using wallpapers – and not necessarily on the walls.

Here are 8 absolutely unique ways to use wallpapers at home, without being boring.


separating areas with wallpaper
Make the same room feel different from every angle with the creative use of wallpaper

When you have to tackle open floor-plan spaces, wallpapers can come in handy for designating smaller areas within a large area. This use of wallpaper for the home can come in especially handy for those renting studio apartments in Dubai.

An open floor plan is often difficult to manage, but the strategic use of wallpapers on home walls can make all the difference. For larger walls, cover only the section that you want to use for a separate setting – like the two walls behind the dining table in a combined living-dining area. You can use the same technique to make breakfast, study, or home-office nook or corner more prominent.

For designating areas, choose vibrant colours and distinct patterns that instantly make an impact at first sight.


wallpaper as headboard
There is no limit to how creative you can get with wallpapers

Often when you’re living alone for the first time, buying a proper bed is not the first thing on your mind. There are just too many things to buy and a good mattress more than suffices for a sleeping arrangement in this situation. But without a headboard, things still look incomplete. Bring in the wallpaper to your rescue. It could be any wallpaper of your choice – whether you want a dramatic cityscape or a simple grey pattern wallpaper, it’s up to you.

Just put up a cool wallpaper on the wall behind your mattress in a width equal to or slightly more than the width of your mattress. It’s not necessary to cover the whole wall, and voila – you have a headboard that is inexpensive but impactful for home decor. You can use the same wallpaper tip when decorating the guest bedroom, as long as the chosen wallpaper falls in the room’s colour palette.


We all have those small pieces of furniture at home that keep screaming for an upgrade. It could be a worn-out coffee table, a sad-looking side table, or a study table that is now a home office – anything at all. Use the wallpaper for home decor to cover up the scratchy table top with a glossy new pattern.

That old side table by your bed can use some love with wallpaper covering the front area of its drawer(s). Give your study table a complete upgrade with fresh new wallpaper covering it from all sides. You will love the difference a simple wallpaper can make to your furniture pieces. The best part is, you’ll never run out of choices. Go bold and abstract or fresh and floral – it’s all a matter of choice.


wallpaper as wall art
Go big, bold and boundless with wallpaper art!

Floral wallpapers are all the rage among wall decor trends for 2019. They are pretty to look at and make your spaces appear softer and more inviting. But you don’t have to cover the whole wall. Instead, use wallpaper for home decor by converting it into large wall art. An HD wallpaper would be your best bet at this point.

You can get it framed or cover a certain area of the wall with it, using wainscoting to add an intricate border to it. Either way, you’ll have a floral pattern on your wall, without making it look too feminine – if that’s what you’re trying to achieve.


wallpaper in kitchen
Don’t limit your wallpaper to the backsplash, take it all the way up to the ceiling!

Since we’re still talking walls, take the wallpaper to the kitchen. Kitchen design trends these days are big on statement backsplashes. An amazing wallpaper used as a backsplash will save you money without compromising on the look. The best thing about wallpapers is that you can get them in absolutely any colour, texture, or design you want.

So, if you want a conventional-looking backsplash, go for the brick-design wallpapers in a colour of your choice – greys and whites are trending these days. If you’re lucky, you can even find an embossed brick design for your kitchen. For those of you who like to try something different, ditch the bricks and sad colours for something bright. An artistic wallpaper would do the trick too!


wallpaper lined shelf
Floral wallpapers make pretty backdrops for boring shelves

Shelves in your furnished Dubai rental apartment can use some colour too. Whether it’s the inside of the glass cabinet that holds your glassware or the bookshelf that stands in your living room, line the back using wallpaper for home and marvel at the change.

This quick upgrade is great for adding bold patterns to your living spaces without overpowering the overall design of your room. If you’re thinking about which wallpaper design for your home would work best here, we suggest you go for daring geometric patterns or vintage designs to make these shelves stand out.


Sometimes, wallpapers can overpower the surroundings. This is especially the case when you’re using them on the staircase walls. For those of you who have staircases in your Dubai rental villas, wallpapers can change them from ordinary to exceptional.

Instead of working on the walls, target the stair risers. When covered with beautiful wallpaper, this small area at the base of every stairstep makes your staircase look interesting and appealing. Definitely an eye-catcher for guests and others who appreciate the creative home decor.


wallpaper on ceiling
Feel like experimenting with wallpaper? Try a mix of wall and ceiling!

Everyone expects to see wallpapers on the wall – that’s where they are supposed to be. But what if the walls are bare and it’s the ceiling that is the star of the show? It is easy to find wallpapers in designs that depict the night sky or outer space, which could work as a great way to make low ceilings appear higher. It’s all about creating an illusion.

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When working with ceilings, it’s not necessary to opt for out-worldly wallpapers only, you can choose absolutely any design which works well with your room decor and primary colour palette. This is a great way to incorporate a unique wallpaper for your home into your interior design. While you’re at it, just make sure you leave the walls bare in a solid colour with no texture or patterns.

When picking wallpaper for your home, pay special attention to the overall room design you have in mind. Go for bold and 3D wallpaper if you want your wall to be the focal point. Settle for a fun wallpaper in subtle hues and designs if you want to make other things in the room pop.

That’s all for now, we’ll be back soon with some new home decor tips and tricks for you. Don’t forget to follow the My Home section of MyBayut for home decor ideas to transform your place from drab to fab!

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