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Understanding Digital Marketing And How To Achieve Your Goals

Digital Marketing is an ever-changing strategy aimed at reaching out to, influencing, and building relationships with potential customers online, over a wide spectrum of channels, and ultimately leading them to making a purchase in the future. It incorporates various elements of conventional marketing strategies, including SEO, social media, Pay-Per-Click, display advertising, and traditional marketing agencies such as agencies for major brands. The ‘digital divide’ refers to the increased trend of online users preferring to use digital channels to seek information and buy products and services. An online marketing agency is an agency that caters to clients operating in the digital space, helping them design marketing campaigns that leverage the power of digital media to increase visibility and sales. Digital agencies also provide expertise in other areas such as search engine optimization (SEO), content publishing, mobile marketing, e-commerce, video production and web development.


Content Marketing 

Content marketing is a term increasingly usees to refer to the practice of online advertising via content sites such as article directories, blogs, and newsletters, as well as search engine optimization (SEO). Online marketing helps establish and maintain online reputation and credibility while driving visitors to the site where they can be converted into clients. In essence, content marketing is an effective method of search engine optimization using pre-existing knowledge to drive visitors to a particular website.



Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing (SMM) is the practice of marketing online through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. SMM uses personal and group networking to promote business activities, create visibility, and build ties that can lead to mutually beneficial contracts. SMM is usually conducted through paid programs such as Facebook advertising and Twitter ads.


Online Presence

Online presence is essential to success for any enterprise, regardless of size or competition. A strong online presence can translate into higher sales, more clients, and more repeat business. Online marketing allows organizations to reach markets that otherwise would not be accessible through traditional media. The challenge is effective marketing agency placement of websites, blogs, and other assets. This results in generating leads, generating sales, and generating repeat customers.



Digital Marketing Agency Tactics

There are many online marketing agency tactics that use. These include search engine optimization (SEO), paid search, online advertising, display advertising, mobile marketing, web analytics, and viral marketing. SEO is a tactic that utilizes keywords and keyword phrases to draw traffic. Online advertising tactics are used to generate leads, as well as, generate sales. Display advertising is used to advertise specific products and services. Web analytics measure visitor behaviour and trends.


Viral Marketing

Viral marketing involves creating small “cakes” that contain affiliate links. Once the cakes distribute, people pass the “bait” around and the next person hooks. People “click” when they see a link and if they decide to buy, they might become a customer. These tactics have generated a significant amount of income for the marketing agency, but the real value comes with establishing an online presence, developing long term relationships with their customers, and providing value.



Digital Marketing Goals Funnel

Each marketing agency has its own online marketing goals funnel. It will vary depending on each organization or business’s goals. However, the goal is to help businesses establish an online presence, generate leads, create sales, and provide value to their customers. As a result, every business owner must determine. Their current online presence, develop a plan and hire a professional to help achieve those goals. Resulting in a simple online marketing campaign that will enable anyone to market their business successfully online.



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