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Ultimate Himalayan Jeep Safari: Spiti Valley Tour

A jeep safari is the best option if you’re planning a trip to the Spiti Valley. Our Spiti Valley tour green-speckled alpine environment is known for its scenic road itineraries that present a fresh photogenic landscape at every bend and turn. With no work from you, our package makes the most of all those stunning sites.

What do you get out of it?

Our Spiti Valley tour package explores nine places in the Spiti region over the course of a spectacular nine-day safari. In our package, we provide a guide and a vehicle that will transport you everywhere. Throughout your spiti adventure, you will be able to stay in guest houses, local homes, and even tents. We will also serve vegetarian meals for breakfast and dinner. Permits, safety kits with portable oxygen cylinders, and separate restroom tents are also planned. In reality, the bulk of these facilities are available on all of our Experiential Tours.

Famous Spot’s  in Spiti

The road trip over the Spiti Valley Tour travels by a number of spots that are famous for being the oldest, highest, or last (or first) in the world at anything. If you want to cross these items off your Guinness-style bucket list, here’s a quick list!
Hikkim village, at 14,000 feet above sea level, is home to the world’s highest post office. Prepare your postcards ahead of time for this worthy of a scrapbook opportunity.
The Chicham Bridge, Asia’s tallest bridge, spans the 1000-foot-deep Samba Lamba Nallah canyon. You might want to stick your phones out to shoot the image below, but keep in mind what will happen if you do.

Chitkul, India’s last inhabited village, is located on the Hindustan-Tibet route. It’s the end of the road. Chitkul, India’s final inhabited hamlet, is located on the route connecting Hindustan and Tibet. It’s the end of the road. Nonetheless, it is worthwhile to visit a village that is so far away from our own metropolis (both metaphorically and literally) because the experience is so unusual.
Key Monastery is the area’s oldest monastery and the world’s oldest Lama (not the animal) training centre. It is over a thousand years old and has survived invasions, fires, and even Bollywood filming. The question is whether it will notice you.

There’s a reason why it’s dubb Little Tibet.

Yes, the Spiti region is often referred to as “Little Tibet,” and our journey certainly supports this. Many other destinations on our itinerary, in addition to Key Village, prominently showcase Tibetan culture.

Are you tired of travelling to temples all the time? We’re shaking things up by visiting Buddhist monasteries. Tabo monastery is sometimes referred to as the Ajanta of the Himalayas. Dhankar monastery is now referred to as a fort by the locals due to its dense construction. You have a good bunch to write about when you include Key Monastery.

The biggest attraction of Geyo is a 500-year-old mummy thought to be the remains of a Buddhist monk. We stop by the Nako lake, which is surrounded by four Tibetan temples, before heading to Geyo. Even while it appears to be excessive, it isn’t, especially considering how beautiful the lake is.

Small mountain settlements Sangla and Kalpa are well-known for their blends of Hindu and Buddhist culture, as well as Tibetan cuisine. In situations like this, no number of meals will suffice to satiate one.

Nature’s call—not that call, though!

This wouldn’t be a nature tour without the natural world, would it? Every minute, Instagram-worthy locations appear along the gorgeous Hindustan-Tibet route. There will also be plenty of spectacular vistas from your lodgings.

As we journey to Kalpa, we may have a close look at the spectacular Kinner Kailash mountain. Kalpa himself has a As we journey to Kalpa, we may have a close look at the spectacular Kinner Kailash mountain. Kalpa offers stunning views of Kinner Kailash, Raldang, and Jorkanden from every angle, making for wonderful photo opportunity. If mountain peaks aren’t your thing, Pin Valley on the Pin River is a beautiful alternative.

Dhankar lake, which is close to the more spiritual Nako lake, is a peaceful spot to visit while staying in Dhankar hamlet. However, when it comes to lakes, another one comes out on top.

Chandratal Lake is the most picturesque place on our journey (subject to personal opinion, of course). Whether you sit by crystal-clear lakes or camp beneath an unobstructed starry sky, your final night on the trek will be remarkable. Keep additional camera batteries on hand for this one.

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