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Ultimate Guide On Textured Hair Transplant Cost

Textured or black afro hair transplant is different from hair transplants from Asians and Americans. Black hairs have different texture and structure that makes it complicated to transplant them. However, textured hair transplant cost is the major factor to determine while getting the procedure done. The complexity of these hairs requires utmost precision and advanced technology for superior results. A hair surgeon has to implement specialized tools for hair grafting and for the implantation of hairs. However, the area to be treated could also contribute towards the increased cost for African American hair restoration cost.

The complication of textured hair transplantation

It is an irrefutable fact that extracting and implanting straight hair follicles is less struggling. A surgeon can easily get the required grafts and successfully implant them in bald areas. On the other side, textured hairs are the curly hairs beneath the skin. These hairs might not have more density than straight hairs, but they could be hard to remove. However, the hair straightening chemicals work to a significant extent for making curly hairs straight. But still, the formation of these hairs is quite more complicated than the straight hairs. So, the hair surgeon might require extra care and precision while transplanting them from one location to another.

Hair transplant solutions

Experiencing hair loss is a natural occurrence due to genetics and hormonal imbalances. Hair fall can trigger at any age, especially when you are above 25. However, it would start from the crown and go through the top of the head. In the case of patchy baldness, the hair surgeon can prefer follicular unit extraction treatment to cover the bald areas. This could influence textured hair transplant costs on the basis of grafts required. The individual extraction of follicles will take place with a small punching tool. In the context of afro hair restoration, it is really important to procure the survival rate of follicles. They must not die instantly as extracted, so it is essential to keep them in a solution.

Another method to cater to the need for African American hair restoration is follicular unit transplantation. This procedure accommodates your need by cutting the hair-bearing skin from the back of the head. However, the incision is comparatively longer with this method which could leave a visible linear scar. However, the choice of treatment might depend upon your own preference. But, you must know the potential risks and benefits of both procedures. You must consult with your hair surgeon prior to getting the treatment done.

Causes of hair loss

However, hair loss occurrence among all ethnic groups is common. But with the afro people, it could be more defined with traction alopecia. It happens due to excess hair pulling that could lead to partial or advanced hair thinning and balding. Now the hair transplant works with the implantation of new follicles extracted from the back of the head. However, keloid scarring is a potential threat with textured hair restoration. It is particular with darker skin, but you do not have to worry. A professional hair surgeon will carry out the procedure with utmost precision to derive superior results.

Factors determining the cost of textured hair transplant

Again the focus here is to conclude the textured hair transplant cost. So, here are a few considerations that the hair surgeon would take into account.

C-shaped follicles

The shape is an important factor to consider how it would take to harvest your hair follicles for implantation. Mainly the circular hair follicles produce straight-line hairs. But, oval hair follicles produce curly hairs. Curly hairs are slightly difficult to extract from the scalp, so the surgeon would require specialized tools. However, the technique of smart FUE is available to make the process easier. But still, the precision and experience of the surgeon matter.

Curly textured hairs

The textured hairs have different types of curls. The most complicated hairs are with S pattern that is considered type 3 curls. Therefore, this curl type could become complicated to remove as follicles and to keep surviving until implantation.

Curly hair growth pattern

People often have misconceptions about the growth of curly hairs. They believe that these hairs cannot grow at the rate which straight hairs do. But, this is not the actual fact and has been debunked by the experts. Curly hairs grow as straight hairs grow at a natural rate. But, they are less detectable due to the shrinkage from curls and waves. They could grow like angles instead of straight appearance. So, this could give a less dense look than straight hairs on your scalp.

To sum up

Textured hair transplant costs could depend on various factors. The common fact to consider is the curly structure and texture of hairs. This makes the follicles grow in the shape of curls which could make the hair transplant a complicated task. A hair surgeon would provide you with proper cost estimation before performing the surgery. So, you must get in touch with a surgeon to evaluate the cost, expected results, and recovery. It is assured that you will get natural-looking results even with afro hair transplants.

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