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Turkey Dedicated Server Offers Unrivaled Performance and Support

Turkey Dedicated Server Offers Unrivaled Performance and Support

If you want to run your business online, Turkey Dedicated Server from Onlive Server is a perfect way. No matter your business type, our servers are customizable enough to accommodate your needs. We offer reliable service at unbeatable prices, making it easier to run your business online and achieve great results! The best part? You can take advantage of our dedicated support service anytime, 24/7! So, what are you waiting for? Get started today with our easy-to-use and comprehensive platform. Our team of experts will help you every step of the way!

Turkey Dedicated Server Offers a Fully Managed Host

Our team monitors all servers 24/7, responding immediately to any issues you report. We guarantee that your website will stay online at all times. Our extensive knowledge in web hosting allows us to choose between many different technologies – be it Linux or Windows, fast SSDs, or cheap storage. Turkey Dedicated Server with us is tailored to your needs. You can rest assured that we won’t change any settings without your permission.

How To Choose Between Windows and Linux

First, consider what websites you’d like to run on your Turkey Dedicated Hosting server. If you need something flexible or want to manage everything yourself, go for Linux. If your host is a Windows shop and it’s critical for your company to be able to use existing infrastructure (and licensing), Windows might be a better option.

What Type of Server Should I Choose?

As we’ve mentioned above, there are two main servers for hosting a website – a Linux-dedicated server and a Windows-dedicated server. Choosing between them depends mainly on how much customization you want to be able to do in terms of software packages, whether you’ll want to use a VPN or SSH tunneling etc.

How Much Does It Cost?

Onlive Server prices are competitively low. Just get in touch with our dedicated team of sales agents, who will guide you toward choosing a plan that best suits your budget. Our current offerings include Turkey-dedicated server packages starting at low-cost months. For clients with high demands for hosting multiple websites, we provide an even more competitive option: two websites hosted on one dedicated web server! You can also contact us to request customized plans for virtual private network or storage server needs.

Why Do I Need Multiple Servers?

A dedicated server is perfect for these needs if you require more storage or bandwidth. With one of our dedicated servers from Turkey, you’ll get an entire server to yourself. You can store as much data as you need on it, use all available disk space, and even set up your backup system, so your data remains safe at all times. You also have full root access to control everything about your server. That makes it easy to install software updates when they become available without waiting for a third-party provider. And if you want additional storage space or bandwidth at any time, upgrade your plan with us—it’s that simple!

Where Does My Website Reside?

All our servers are connected to premium data centers in Los Angeles. We have several locations across the USA, France, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, Japan, etc., where you can place your VPS or dedicated server. You can choose any location of your choice. If you want to host your website in Turkey but do not wish to be troubled by geo-restrictions and other hassles related to hosting in Turkey, then we recommend you choose a VPN service with a Turkey data center.

What Kind of Control Panel Do You Provide?

The most comprehensive control panel is called cPanel. It provides a detailed overview of your web hosting account; it is easy to navigate and straightforward. Plus, you have access to an advanced feature known as the setaceous app installer, which helps you install more than 300 scripts with just a single click!

What About Bandwidth?

You’ll get sufficient bandwidth for whatever you plan to do. We can host your website, software, or multimedia content without a problem. And our network is always stable thanks to our dedicated servers in France and India, so you can even use a dedicated VPN server with us! You will have no trouble accessing your Turkey Dedicated Hosting no matter where you are in the world. Our web hosting company has been working hard to provide our customers with unbeatable quality of service, so now we are sure that it will be possible for us to take care of each one of you as well! We know that every customer is different, so we strive hard to meet every one of their needs when it comes to Turkey Dedicated Server from Onlive Server.


Today’s top servers are dual-core so you won’t have any latency problems on your dedicated server. For example, our Montreal dedicated server has 16 GB of RAM and two i7 processors – you will get a fantastic experience running your websites on it! It comes with a free IP address for a year and free DDoS protection to keep your website safe. The best part is that we offer these features at meagre prices compared to other providers. Check out our Turkey Dedicated Server today!

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