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Tricks and Tips for the Upcoming CBSE Board Exams – CBSE school Kerala

Exams are quite stressful for students as well as teachers and parents. But the board exams cause significant stress to students. Moreover, CBSE board exams are the new milestone of student life, and they are said to be most important for high school students. Board exams take students one step close to their desired careers or professions. However, CBSE board exams are very impactful on students’ mental health as they have constant pressure to perform well in exams. But for good preparation for exams and concentrating well on studies, students need peace of mind and calmness. So here are some tricks and tips for students to prepare and ace the CBSE board exam in CBSE school Kerala.

Make a schedule and stick to it:

Before a few weeks of exams, make a rigid schedule and strictly follow it. Try to sleep early instead of being awake for late-night for studying. Also, try to get put earlier in the morning and have a healthy and refreshing breakfast. After this, follows a schedule that suits your syllabus and the subject. Do not keep studying all day; instead, take a break and relax for a while when you feel tired. Also, do whatever you like instead of resisting yourself because it will keep distracting you, and you want to focus on your studies.

Stay calm and practice relaxation:

You also need to remain calm and relaxed ahead of board exams and during exams. And meditation and exercise are the best ways to stay relaxed and calm throughout the day. It is proved in studies also that there is a direct relationship between performance and productivity and meditation.

Also, it is scientifically proven that meditation strengthens our brains and reduces anxiety. Meditation is quite effective in controlling our brains and enables them to provide adequate guidance to other body parts and correctly execute all tasks. In short, meditation is a powerful psychological exercise that improves concentration and mental strength. Most of the CBSE school Kerala follows this technique.

Make well-organized study plans with short targets:

Don’t stick to completing the syllabus of one subject at once; it will drain your energy and exhaust your mind. Instead, try to cover various subjects so that your brain gets refreshed with the change. Go with taking one complex subject and one easy subject in an alternative sequence. This process will maintain your concentration and keep you relaxed all day.

Also, set short targets and goals like taking a unit in two or three hours or one hour more than the required time. Make reward-based strategies to complete your goals, and don’t forget to take breaks between. Don’t hamper your concentration going beyond your strength and comfort level.


Solve previous year papers and sample papers:

Make it a daily practice and solve sample papers and previous years’ exam papers. You will gain the confidence and know-how to improvise yourself for the CBSE board exams. Also, these papers will give you some hints about the question paper pattern in your upcoming exams.

When you complete all your syllabus of anyone subject, solve its practice or sample paper like you are writing your exam. It will help you recognize your weakness in that particular subject, and you can improve it quickly. 


Don’t be extra cautious and anxious when you feel you are not up to the mark. Just recognize your weakness and try to improve it. Relax and do your best without worrying about the results. 

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