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Traits of Bad English Language Tutors that Students Are Likely To Avoid

English Language Tutors

Students often pick private online tutors only to gain additional insights on the language or subject. They do so to get a deeper understanding of what they are learning. Therefore, when they choose online english tutors, they look for essential qualities. Students want someone to give a clear language learning session—someone who outlines everything in detail and proceeds onto the next part when the student is convinced. 

If you want to be a quality tutor, it is better to know what students expect from you in the first place. Once you are assured about their expectations, likes, and dislikes, only then you can move ahead! 

What Students Don’t Want from their Online Tutor?

Unclear syllabus

Students want to be sure of what they are going to be taught. They want to know the progress or status of the syllabus. It is needed from tutors to communicate the syllabus or discuss what you will cover. As soon as the session starts, you can speak about the gist of the session for the day. 

This will give them the idea that there is much learning to do today. It will also add a good impression since they want their time to be valued. The syllabus sets the condition of the lecture, and therefore, you need to prepare it carefully! 

Responding Late

When a student has any query that they have shared in the session, the private English tutor must bring the answer to light at the earliest. It drives students crazy when they are unanswered for a long time, and the tutor seems least interested. 

Also, they may get in contact via email or through chats. It would help if you were sure to attend to all the concerns on time; that is the least you can do for your students. 

Missing of Resources

Since in online tutoring, you can not give students printed notes. This itself is something that students may feel discomforting. They want notes, references, articles, and other study material. They can not rely entirely on the online session. 

Therefore they expect a language teacher online to create pdf, PowerPoint, share video and article links etc.  You as a tutor need to share teaching aids and material to make the online session quick, fun and straightforward. 

Lack of experience

Especially when learning English, students want well-experienced tutors. If you don’t have enough knowledge as a teacher, you can look for a certificate course. Popular English certified courses are pretty helpful! 

As a student, it may worry them that you don’t have experience or hide your experience. So, always be clear about it. Let them know why you are the best online tutor and why they choose you. 

Bad Instructor

If you are new to the online platform, you probably worry about how face to face interaction works. But, you have to remember that if you aren’t good at it, students won’t like you for long. 

You need to have a good smiling and professional look on your face. When a student sees your seriousness and interest, they tend to trust you and feel connected to you too. A lousy language tutor online is the one with a bad face to face tutoring experience! 


You know the five traits that students don’t appreciate in an online tutor. So, if you are doing any of it. Now is the time you change it and make yourself the best tutor they had. 

You have to create your session engaging, interesting, helpful and very interactive. So make sure you find out how you can make significant differences in your tutoring session.

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