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Traditional Wood vs. Composite Decking: Which Is Best for Your Home?

Traditional Wood vs. Composite Decking: Which Is Best for Your Home?

Traditional wood materials have long been the go-to decking choice, as they are warm and inviting. Unfortunately, the natural wear and tear from regular exposure to sunlight and weather can cause these materials to lose their luster over time. If you’re looking to add value and curb appeal to your home, traditional wood may not be the best choice of material for your decking needs. Read on to learn more about composite decking options and whether or not they might be the better option for your home and family!

Traditional Wood vs. Composite Decking

Advantages of Composite Decks

Trex decking offers a number of advantages to homeowners over traditional wood decks. Unlike traditional wood, Trex composite decking is unaffected by weather or sunlight, meaning its color won’t fade and its design will remain vibrant no matter how much time it spends outside. In addition to being able to withstand extreme temperatures, composite deck boards are also resistant to mold and mildew, which can thrive on old or damp wood decks and cause them to expand and rot away over time.

Advantages of Wooden Decks

Advantages of Wooden Decks

Wood is often thought of as a traditional material, but there are still many advantages of wooden decks over composite alternatives. Wood tends to be more aesthetically appealing than composite materials and also can last longer if cared for properly. Trex komposittrall grå wood-alternative products offer many of these same benefits without sacrificing any strength or integrity during use.

In fact, because they’re made from recycled plastic, they’re actually better for your home environment. Because they require no sanding or staining when installed, you can rest assured that your wooden deck will always look its best with little maintenance required on your part. That’s not all; because our products resist mold and mildew growth so effectively, you’ll also spend less time cleaning up after yourself in between uses. As an added bonus, our products are incredibly lightweight—you won’t need to worry about heavy loads shifting beneath your feet!

How Often Should I Clean My Deck?

The effects of sunlight are far more forgiving on composite decking than on traditional wood, but neither should be cleaned too often. The major culprits behind deck discoloration are moisture, dirt, and oil; to stave off damage from these elements and from natural wear-and-tear, simply clean your deck at least once per year with a quality cleaning solution designed to match your material type. For example, wood decks require a different solution than composite decks.

Do I Need To Paint My Deck?

Do I Need To Paint My Deck?

While wood naturally fades over time, composite decking doesn’t suffer quite as much discoloration and therefore is more likely to remain in its original condition through years of exposure to sun and rain. On average, it may even take decades before a homeowner decides they would like their composite deck painted or stained to change its color – a task that is typically best left to professionals. The question then remains: do you need to paint your Trex decking?

Life Span

The primary factor in determining how long a composite deck will last is its exposure to sunlight. If a deck is in constant direct sunlight, it may fade and discolor much more quickly than one that receives partial or filtered light year-round. However, even under bright conditions, most composites can survive 20 years or more without an obvious change in coloration.

Sunlight: One of the main reasons traditional wood decks become so brown over time is that they’re exposed to intense UV rays from sunlight every day. While many composites are also susceptible to sun damage, they do not have nearly as much surface area exposed (since they’re made from smaller pieces), so their tendency to turn brown does not occur as rapidly. In addition, composites tend to be resistant to mildew growth—another common cause of fading on komposittrall balkong—which means you’ll have fewer problems with mold and rot if you choose a composite option.

Can I Use A Pressure Washer To Clean My New Deck?

Can I Use A Pressure Washer To Clean My New Deck?

The short answer is yes! However, while you can use a pressure washer to help give your new composite deck a makeover, we don’t recommend using it all of the time. In fact, we recommend that you reserve its use for special occasions only. And keep in mind that pressure washing should never be used as an alternative to cleaning off grease or grime with soap and water; rather, it should be used in addition to these basic practices.


When deciding which type of deck is right for your home, consider both how you’ll be using it and what your budget allows. If you’re willing to make an investment in maintenance (caring regularly with stain or sealant), composite decking may be a good option. For more information on cleaning and maintenance, check out our informative guide to caring for a new composite deck.

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