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Top Reasons Why Your AC Will Blow Hot Air

When your ac stops working, the first thing to do is determine the cause of the problem. Sometimes a simple adjustment or adjustment of the thermostat will help, but other times you’ll need to call an air conditioning repair professional to come to take a look. 

How will you manage when your AC blowing hot air?

When this happens, the first thing to do is to have an ac repair service come out and check your unit. Sometimes a simple adjustment or adjustment of the thermostat will help your unit run more efficiently and effectively.

The air conditioner is your single most important appliance. It’s the main method of cooling your home, and without it, you’d be desperately trying to cool off in the middle of a 100-plus degree day. However, because air conditioners are so important, it only makes sense that sometimes they break down. When your air conditioner stops cooling, then take the help of Ac Repair Service in Delhi professionals.

The heat is on. You’ve been desperately searching for ways to cool down your home this summer, but your air conditioning just isn’t cutting it. You may be surprised to learn that there are some things you can do to help your AC run more efficiently and save money in the process. In this article, we’ll look at the top four most common reasons for ac to blow and offer some solutions to help you keep your home cool this season.

AC blowing hot air: what you need to do

The four common reasons for an AC blow are clogged filters, a worn-out compressor, a dirty condenser, and a dirty evaporator coil. Clogged filters are one of the most common reasons for an AC to blow hot air or stop working.

  1. The AC thermostat turned to heat mode.

Ok, this can be an enormous “duh”; however, if you are obtaining hot air, you may have accidentally flipped your thermostat to “heat” mode. It happens to all or any folks. If that is the case, switch it back to “cool”, and you are sensible to travel.

  1. AC Dirty evaporator coil caused by an unclean air cleaner

The cause can be a dirty evaporator coil caused by an unclean air cleaner. This keeps your air conditioning from properly cooling your home. You’ll amend the filter; however, you’ll have an Ac Repair in Delhi expert and wash the evaporator coil.

  1. Outside AC unit not properly maintained.

Is there something obstructing the condenser coils’ airflow? Are they blocked with dirt and debris?

Cleaning the condenser coils must be an everyday activity throughout the summer.

  1. Low on refrigerant/Freon

It is the same old perpetrator. Your air conditioning wants a correct refrigerant (usually Freon) charge to cool down your home.

So a Freon leak will leave you feeling the warmth since you’ll need a complete loss of cold air.

Why is AC blowing hot air?

The most common reason an air conditioner will stop cooling is because of a problem with the compressor. When this happens, the first thing to check is your air filters. Air filters are critical to the efficiency of your air conditioner, and when they get clogged, they can have a major impact on your cooling abilities. If your air filters are clean, though, there’s a good chance your AC is just fine.

Many people think that their air conditioning unit stops working one day. The truth is that most AC issues are caused by something that happens over time. 


These four common reasons that air conditioning units break down are: dust, dirt, and other debris gets built up and clogs your AC unit’s ventilation system, your AC unit’s refrigerant leaks out and is no longer being cooled, your AC unit has a mechanical issue, and your AC system is too small. No matter what the cause, it’s important to have an ac repair service come out and check your unit.

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