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Top eCommerce Web Design Tips That Bring You More Leads and Conversions

Web Design Tips

Today when everything is available online with lots of players in the same segment, you need to do something different to make your business stand out. eCommerce sites have made their place over the past few years and are dominating the retail market. Consumers prefer eCommerce stores for almost every need because of their convenience and availability of large choices and stock. For a successful eCommerce business, you need a good website that attracts consumers and helps you increase your sales. A well-reputed a website development company can help you get an amazing website for your eCommerce business.

Top eCommerce Web Design Tips That Bring You More Leads and Conversions

Ecommerce players like Amazon,eBay, Nykaa, and Walmart have witnessed double to triple-digit revenue growth. The reason their platforms are having souring growth is their well-designed, user-oriented website. Web designing is creating a website that contains your products and content effectively arranges to make it appealing and user-friendly, optimized to bring more leads and customers. If you want to redesign your current website to attract more leads or want to get a new website for your start-up designed to suit your business, this article is for you.

Lets, ‘s first see what features are essential to get a wonderful website

Customization opportunities

To stand out from your competitors you need to get a customized website to align with your business, containing specially crafted features that make you stand apart. If your website lacks the personal touch it will remain an ordinary website no different than the plenty of websites out there.

You just have 0.5 seconds to impress your audience and this decides whether you will lose them or will be able to hold their attention. Your website should look aesthetically pleasing, well-designed layout, be visually appealing, and have high-quality images among other important design elements to make your website good in looks and convenient to use.

Top eCommerce Web Design Tips That Bring You More Leads and Conversions

Easy navigation


It is important to have smooth navigation so that people can easily move through the categories and find what they want.

Good navigation helps you provide a good user experience and thus results in improved visits and sales. Websites can have sitemaps to make it easy for visitors to locate what they exactly need.

Optimized for mobile

Your website should be mobile responsive as more than 45% of users shop through their mobile phones. Therefore it’s extremely important to design the website in such a way that it provides a good user experience on every type of device. We at Corewave design high-performing, mobile-friendly eCommerce websites to provide a seamless user experience.

Good UX

UX plays an important role in the success of your website. It ensures that your website is usable, has intuitive navigation, well-designed iconology, and is reliable, and most importantly provides a good user experience. These factors decide whether the users will stay on your website or not.

To get more leads, repeat purchases, and browsing times you need to ensure these elements in your website.

Some top eCommerce designs are

  1. Larq

It has high-quality images and animation. The design is simple and attractive, persuading the viewers to try out the stylish product.


2.    HEBE

The website stands out because of its high-quality photo and different-than-usual topography. It is important to use high-quality images, especially when making a website for a fashion store.


  1. Bliss

The Ecommerce site has very beautifully used bright colors and big-size images to give a vibrant feel. The page looks lively and mood-lifting with the combination of colors and good-quality photos.

  1. Helbak

It’s a small business website that proves – simplicity is beautiful. The designer has created a simple, neat, and pleasing website with the use of products with the element of color and space to give it an artistic touch

Top eCommerce Web Design Tips That Bring You More Leads and Conversions

  1. Skullcandy

The design is simple with the right use of text and visuals. The colors give life to the website, giving a good visual experience.

  1. Allbirds

The picture used is impactful as it is showing motion. It is different than the usual shoe websites because the motion shot is giving a real feel and enhances the experience.

  1. Black Butterfly

It has used a simple layout with a dynamic feel. This website follows an easy structure. The photos and graphics are nice and neatly displayed which makes it easy to browse and scroll through the website

  1. . Dainty Jewells

The eCommerce store gives a vintage vibe with amazing pictures. The colors used are soft and subtle mainly blue, pink, and white. This design goes well with the product and gives a gentle feminine feel. The font used greatly complements the design.

9.  Boxhill

This website is beautifully designed to focus on the product by giving lots of white spaces in between. It is looking quite professional by making it neat and simple. The items are just named simply on the page with no extra text, the website is undoubtedly sophisticated.

  1. Premium Teas

It is an easy-to-use website as the product is presented such that the visitors can simply scroll and select the products. It has used simple but sophisticated visuals. The use of text is minimal and the focus is more on the visual aspect. It has a neat description of the varieties and the white background is giving prominence to the product.

These are some of the top eCommerce designs you can take inspiration from. These designs have very creatively represented their products and content, making them aesthetic and visually pleasing. The use of color, product images, text, and spaces is done very carefully which complements the product and the brand design.

Here are some tips on a good eCommerce website

  • keep it simple. Simplicity is an important factor in the success of your website. Excessive distractive elements like pop-ups, ads, and banners can irritate your customers. You can achieve more conversions by keeping your landing page minimal and using all the  designs wisely.
  • Use high-quality images. It is crucial to use high-quality images on your website. You can take high-quality pictures of your product and can use pictures from free stock but they should be of a good resolution to create a good visual appeal. The quality of images has a great impact on the conversion rate, therefore, ensuring the quality of images all over the websites.
  • Make it look professional. Trust is important, shoppers will shop only when they are sure about your credibility and genuineness. For that, you need to give a professional look to your website.
  • Focus on good user experience greatly defines the level of satisfaction your customers will have. Having an interactive and aesthetically designed website proves a good user experience and on the other hand, design mishaps tend to lower the conversion rate.
  • Top eCommerce Web Design Tips That Bring You More Leads and Conversions

Hope this article has helped you in getting some ideas to incorporate into your eCommerce website. The web designers team at Corewave is an expert in designing customized, professional websites that help the business attract leads and convert those leads into customers. Also, the appealing design and user experience leads to more repeat purchase and help you cut above the rest.

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