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Top Benefits of Outsourcing Hard Drive Data Destruction Service

Top Benefits of Outsourcing Hard Drive Data Destruction Service

This is the era of digital. As businesses adapt to a paperless workplace, hard drives and other electronic storage devices are becoming an increasingly popular way to store data. The responsible course of action is to make a backup of your files and then wipe the storage device clean of all of its data once it has reached the end of its useful life.

It appears like a certain approach to get rid of private or sensitive information is to manually delete the files but relying only on manual deletion before throwing away the device results in pricey and harmful data breaches.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of outsourcing hard drive data destruction service:

1.      Preventing the restoration of data

You might think about erasing the hard disc before throwing it away or using it again. There are ways to restore the data even after it has been correctly deleted from the hard drive. Data from deleted hard drives, partially damaged ones, or the ones thrown away can be easily recovered by criminals.

Utilizing a data destruction service will guarantee that the hard drive is destroyed completely, making it impossible for a criminal to recover your data. Data can be erased and made unrecoverable with absolute security by physically destroying the hard drive.

2.      Fines can be avoided

You risk receiving a fine if you don’t get rid of your hard drives. It could put strains on your money whenever there is a security violation or data leak. This problem can be resolved if you utilize a data destruction service.

3.      Minimize liability

You can use a certificate of destruction from a data destruction company to demonstrate that you took the necessary precautions to ensure that the data was completely destroyed. You could be held liable for inadequately protecting sensitive information if you make an effort to wipe your hard disks by yourself and fail, leading to the theft of client or employee data.

4.      Expand your office’s space

It can occupy a significant amount of space that you might use for other things if you have obsolete hard drives or other data-storage devices lying about in your workplace. Hard drive destruction on your own will not only require additional time but could also be unsafe. The best course of action is to outsource data destruction experts if you need some more space and lack the time or resources to erase the data yourself.

5.      Refrain from actual theft

Keeping unused hard drives on-site exposes them to physical theft. An unsatisfied worker or former employee can find a way to take outdated storage devices and market them to rival businesses or cybercriminals who can exploit the information against you. The best option is to have the devices destroyed by experts.

6.      Assurance of total obliteration

Without the right tools or knowledge, it may not be possible to totally destroy a hard drive. The hard drive will be totally destroyed by a reputable data destruction company using the right equipment, eliminating any possibility of it being restarted or the data being recovered.

7.      To keep your business in compliance

The ideal hard drive destruction company will be aware of the regulations governing data destruction. It is their responsibility to adhere to these regulations and make sure your company remains compliant. Because of this, you can discard your devices without being concerned that you are breaking any data rules.

How to get my hard drive destroyed by experts?

You must first contact a nearby data destruction company to begin the simple process of hard drive destruction. Any queries you may have regarding the service and the business will be answered by them. After that, they will talk to you about the day and time of the hard drive destruction service. Finally, they will visit your location on the date you choose. You merely need to indicate which hard drives you want to be destroyed, and they will gather them in a safe container and transport them to the movable vehicle where they will be destroyed. They will provide you with your Certificate of Destruction when they have destroyed all the hard drives.

Some questions you might need to ask the data destruction company

Before hiring a data destruction company, check over the questions to ask:

1.      Is your company certified?

Your chosen data destruction company should have top-tier certificates proving that each employee is capable of physically erasing and destroying data.

2.      What criteria do you use to decide which hard drives to keep and which to destroy?

A data destruction company may decide which computer equipment can be destroyed and which should be upgraded to new specifications.

3.      How are the pieces of my shattered hard drives handled?

You should know where the pieces of your destroyed hard drives are going, this can be crucial to avoid any data breaches by an inexperienced data destruction company.

4.      Which forms of media do you delete?

This can be an important question to ask the data destruction company. There might be some type of data that they don’t delete which can cause you problems.

5.      Do you provide certificates?

To prove that you followed the necessary steps to ensure that the data was entirely deleted, you might need a certificate of destruction from the company.

6.      Before deleting my old memory drives, do you wipe their contents?

This can be another important question you should consider asking the company before hiring them.

The bottom line

These are the benefits of outsourcing your hard drive destruction to a reliable data destruction company in addition to the reasons for doing so. Data is a crucial thing that needs to be safe. To ensure the complete deletion of unwanted data you might need to hire experts to avoid any consequences and security issues.

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