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Top Alternatives to Vaping Marijuana/Cannabis

When we talk of Marijuana or Cannabis, the most important consideration is the consumption method with each method having its own experience and characteristics. Generally, the three most common ways to consume cannabis include smoking hookah and vaping, ingestion that includes edibles, oils, capsules or tablets, etc., and topicals including gels and lotions. Cannabis is often considered to be identical to the most ancient custom methods, i.e., vaping or smoking, but they can be consumed in many other ways too, as vaping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, many people have had cardiorespiratory conditions that prevent them from smoking and vaping. While vaping could be considered the most convenient way to consume cannabis, most people might not want to risk their lungs.

While the benefits of cannabis largely depend on the consumption method, each method provides a unique experience. Though vaping and smoking cannabis is the most common option, there are plenty of alternatives available too that can be commonly used. Vaping cannabis, nowadays, isn’t considered to be the only option, and many have already diverted from vaping to other alternatives. Let’s look at some of the top cannabis vaping alternatives.


A concentrated alcohol-based extract made by soaking the flowers in a solvent, most commonly like alcohol and other fat-soluble liquids like vinegar or glycerol, can generally be very discrete and can be used by individuals who are looking for dosage control and fast-acting effects without risking their health associated with vaping. Most tinctures are also considered to be fat and sugar-free. When tinctures are ingested, they are instantly absorbed in the stomach but may require time to process through the liver. Cannabis tinctures can be incorporated into juices, soups, brownies, salad dressing, and even mashed potatoes.


Cannabis tinctures are easy to dose, are considered to have fast onset effects, and are discreet.


Tinctures are considered to take more than 30 mins and sometimes even more than that to feel the effects, are alcohol-based extracts and can be undesirable to many.

Capsules and Tablets

One of the latest cannabis products available in the market, cannabis capsules and tablets are typically considered to be a traditional but attractive method and can be a top cannabis vaping alternative. While some consumers may find it difficult to swallow the capsules, others can find it to be the easiest way and can swallow the capsules, or cut them open to apply topically for precise dosing avoiding the calories and cooking of edibles. Capsules and tablets can be an effective idea especially for old folks who doubt and don’t like vaping.


Cannabis capsules and tablets are easy to take and can get an accurate dose. Cannabis capsules and tablets tend to have long-lasting effects and don’t add extra calories, unlike edibles.


Like tinctures, cannabis capsules and tablets take longer to feel the effects. They have less bioavailability and can be difficult to be swallowed by some.


From candies to baked goods, cookies to lemonades, food, and cannabis can be one of the best combinations that life can offer. Utilizing cannabis with edibles can provide significantly different effects from other traditional methods. Edibles can be an effective and most powerful way to consume cannabis without vaping. Edibles have lengthier onsets and can tend to cause powerful effects.


Cannabis edibles are discreet and offer a different kind of high. They can be consumed with a variety of edibles and can vary in taste.


Cannabis edibles can be difficult to get the potency right, can take longer to kick in, and could be harder to track the intake.


A moderately new method of using cannabis comprises infusing liquids with THC to make sprays that consumers can stem underneath the tongue. This method is mostly used by medical cannabis users who are looking to avoid the harmful effects of smoke. Sprays are majorly used in states where cannabis is still illegal as they are difficult to detect.


Cannabis sprays can have enduring effects and can last for several hours. Cannabis sprays usually don’t take long to feel the effects.


Cannabis sprays can cause drowsiness and change in appetite that can result in weight changes.

Cannabis Topicals

Back in the 18th century, Hemp seed oil (Cannabis Sativa) was said to be used as a topical medicine. But with time, cannabis was almost forgotten as topical medicine with the rise of contemporary medical technologies. Now, the skincare industry has started to invest in the long-forgotten cannabis, calling it their secret weapon. Cannabis gels and lotions can be considered as one of the best cannabis vaping alternatives. The lotions and ointments utilize full cannabis abstract – a thick oil that is considered to be decarboxylated to trigger cannabinoids that can be absorbed through your skin once they are activated to treat pain, muscle aches, and more. Cannabis topicals can help consumers that demand a clear head and contained relief.


Cannabis topicals have no systemic effects and therefore less or no impairment, can have minimal side effects, and can be used or applied multiple times in a day.


Cannabis topicals may be required to be used more than once or twice a day and are considered to be expensive.


Another cannabis vaping alternative can be cannabis powder, an easy-to-use alternative that can be used much like the sports supplement by easily dissolving the powder in the water. Cannabis powder, a form of powdered THC, has a much more rapid onset than old-style edibles.


Cannabis powders are easy to swallow, are consumed by adding in water or other liquids, and tend to have long-lasting effects.


Cannabis powder takes longer to realize the effects and has less bioavailability.

Ingestible Oils

Having the steadiness of the oil, ingestible oils can be consumed like edibles and are said to be the top cannabis vaping alternative. Ingestible oils are considered either to be eaten or swallowed like capsules. They can easily be ingested in infused products like capsules. While some believe that ingestible oils are used in the treatment and cure of skin cancer through Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), an oil made using the extracts of cannabis flower that was originated in 2003 and is considered to have high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


Ingestible oils are the safest way to inhale and consume cannabis and can make the effect realization quick.


The extraction method of oils can be harmful as it uses gases like butane for extraction and is an expensive method in comparison to the other vaping alternatives.


Cannabis leaves and flowers are seethed in vegetable oil for hours, which transfers the THC and other cannabinoids to the butter before being discarded. This butter is used in baking brownies, cakes, and other items and can be added to edibles such as soup.


Cannabis butter can have long-lasting symptoms, and the effects last for several hours. The portion size can easily be increased or decreased as per the needs.


Cannabis butter may take up to 90 minutes to feel the effects, and excess consumption can lead to vomiting or unconsciousness.

Transdermal Patches

The transdermal patches containing various ratios consent cannabis to use the skin as a gateway to penetrate the blood and are good for extended-release. Transdermal, as the name suggests, means through the skin. The consumer can remove the patches in case of any side effects. These patches remain in the blood for a longer time.


Cannabis transdermal patches are sustained and have minimal adverse effects. They are also easier to consume and good for localized pain relief.


Cannabis transdermal patches can cause drowsiness and appetite changes and can result in weight changes.


The first piece of the puzzle is choosing your preferred cannabis product and the method to consume it. With plenty of products available, you have a lot to choose from. You can decide whether you want your cannabis to come in resin, food, cream, oil, or the old-style flower form.

Though there are plenty of alternatives available to vaping cannabis, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, as discussed above. It is recommended that you should conduct thorough research on what suits you the best. The best way to find what works for you is to begin slow with measured experimentation, starting with the smallest dose and gradually increasing the frequency of the dose to avoid the side effects.

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