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Top Advantages of Choosing KVM-Based USA VPS Server – Onlive Server

Top Advantages of Choosing KVM-Based USA VPS Server – Onlive Server

KVM is a virtualization technology that allows multiple operating systems to run on single computer hardware. This is accomplished by allowing the guest OS (the operating system running within the virtual machine) access to the host’s hardware resources and vice versa. KVM is a standard virtualization technology used by many cloud providers and hosting companies.

The KVM-based USA VPS Server allows you to install applications and services on your server. This feature makes it much more convenient for you to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. You no longer need to give up your favorite applications to get the best experience out of your VPS Server. This article will discuss the top advantages of choosing a KVM-based USA VPS.

100% dedicated hardware resources

A KVM-based Virtual Private Server has the advantage of 100% dedicated hardware resources. You often share that physical resource with other customers when you purchase a cloud service server. This can lead to performance issues and problems when running CPU-intensive tasks. With a KVM-based VPS Server, all the resources are allocated for your use, so there’s no need to worry about being slowed down by someone else. The best part is that these KVM-based servers also allow for high availability, meaning they have at least two separate hard drives, which means less downtime in case one fails.

SSD storage

Fast SSD storage is a great feature, especially if you are hosting an application that needs to be able to access files quickly. You will get quicker load times for your website or application. In addition, better performance than traditional hard drives could mean better server efficiency and reduced costs. On the other hand, KVM-based servers often provide users with less power and fewer CPU cores. With this in mind, it’s best to research what type of VPS you want before making a purchase decision.

When deciding whether to buy a VPS Server from a VPS Hosting provider, many different factors should take into account. These include the data center’s location, provider quality, and type of hardware. For instance, some providers will offer their customers more disk space and RAM, while others may provide more processing power with faster data transfers.

Highly Available

The most important advantage of having a KVM-based VPS Server is that it is highly available because it has redundancy. The server provides multiple IP addresses that can use can use for accessing the applications or services on the server. With the availability of multiple IP addresses, users can connect to their applications or services without downtime.

Reliable Data Center

Another advantage of choosing the KVM-based USA VPS Server is that they use reliable data centers as their backend infrastructure, which ensures high-quality performance and reliability. These servers are physically located in different geographical locations to withstand any natural disaster or calamity in their area. This makes them highly secure and reliable to run their applications or services without interruptions in service delivery.


With KVM, you can easily create a new virtual machine whenever you want and migrate it to another server whenever required, thanks to its ability to efficiently run multiple operating systems simultaneously at once on a single physical machine, which makes it highly flexible when compared with other types of VPS Servers such as Xen-based VPS Servers.

High Performance

The high performance provided by this type of server will allow you to run multiple programs at once, which means that your website will be able to handle more traffic. You will also be able to run various applications on your site, which means that it can run more efficiently than if you were using only one application at a time.

High Security

KVM-based servers are designed for high security, which is why they are often used for government and enterprise applications. Additionally, it’s more difficult for hackers to infiltrate and take control of the physical machine than other server types. If a hacker wants to access your data on a cloud-based virtual machine, they have only one point of attack – the connection between your client device and their service. The key difference between KVM-based servers and those running on Linux or Windows is that the operating system will still be running when you log out from a remote terminal session or SSH session with Linux or Windows. With a KVM-based server, this isn’t true. When you log out from a remote terminal session with Linux or Windows, the operating system goes idle, but with a KVM-based server, this isn’t true.

24/7 Support

If you’re looking for 24/7 support, a virtual private server is a way to go. Plus, we have an advanced ticketing system that you can use to get in touch with our customer service team at any time. All servers come with Unlimited Bandwidth, so you don’t need to worry about your data usage exceeding your quota. Plus, if you need more bandwidth or resources than what’s offered by default, it’s easy to upgrade anytime. And because all services are redundant and encrypted on our platform, your data will always be safe.

High Speed

When you choose the KVM-based USA VPS Server, you can expect high speed due to its advanced hardware architecture that includes fast CPUs and RAM. You will be able to enjoy fast downloads and uploads since your website will have no lag time when loading pages on your website or downloading files from other websites. It is also capable of serving multiple users at once without any problems or glitches in performance due to heavy traffic loadings on its servers, making it ideal for running websites with high traffic volumes like social media platforms like Facebook, etc.



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