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Top 8 Graphic Design Layout Rules that every designer need to know

The field of graphic design is one of a kind and a lot of fun. It is common for graphic designers to implement new concepts into their work. This helps to draw attention to your website or app and improve its overall appearance. What people really want is the cherry on top of the beautifully decorated cake that has been cooked for them. Furthermore, the graphics are an excellent topping that adds to the overall delectability of the cake. 

More and more individuals are getting into graphic design layout rules. Thus, it’s becoming more widespread. As a result, everyone is looking for something fresh. But first, we must make sure that we are adhering to the current standards, which are critical to maintaining the integrity of our design. 

Graphic Design Layout Rules that every designer needs to know


All of Heineken’s commercials are the same. In each and every one of them, they incorporate their distinctive color scheme, making it easy to identify as being theirs. It is important to keep your design elements consistent, such as the use of the same color or font. The purpose of this is so that your target audience can recognize you, whether they’re on the Internet or looking at your hoardings. 


A fundamental principle of design and art is the use of contrast. In the context of design, this involves showing two elements in opposite directions. Short and long, black and white, coarse and smooth, they are all opposite. In order to bring attention to the most important aspects of a design, it is crucial to use contrast. 

For example, the leading brand Zara demonstrates how well contrast is used in its design. Despite the fact that it’s just in black and white, the overall design is so strong that adding color would have reduced its effect. 


Designing a hierarchy means putting your photos, captions, and other elements in descending order of significance. Setting up a clear hierarchy in your work allows you to focus on the most important aspects of your design. It directs the viewer’s attention to the first thing you would like them to notice. 


Ads and designs that rely solely on visuals or photographs are quite uncommon. Texts are the best way to get your point across. And it’s not just a matter of picking a font that you like. To get your point though, your writing must be readable. Use various fonts for headings, subheadings, and other sections. To avoid confusion, it’s a good idea to use no more than three at a time. 

Please don’t overdo it with the colors  

The power of color can’t be understated. Trying out many different colors can be a mistake, much like using too many typefaces can be. Designing a simple and consistent color palette for your brand can ensure that your message is not confusing or distracting. A good graphic designing company will help you achieve that.  

Include Clean Spaces

Keep in mind the importance of white space in your designs as well. Your design should be free of any extra elements. In the end, they’re just an eyesore. It’s important to use white and negative space to draw attention to the most important parts of your content. 

Disharmony in color 

Colour is a crucial component of design, but it can also be harmful if used incorrectly. Choosing colors that complement one another is essential to avoid creating a harsh effect in the design. There’s nothing worse than having white text on a red or yellow text on green background, is there? 

Correctly resize the image 

Experimenting with image sizes is a good idea, but don’t stretch pictures or logos to the point where they look messy. Pictures with deformed portraits or landscapes can make your brand appear incompetent and as if you don’t know what you’re doing! 


In order to produce high-quality work, you should adhere to these basic principles of graphic design in all you do. Knowing these design tricks can help business owners get the most out of their graphic design budgets. These are general guidelines, but you can always differ from them depending on the idea you want to deliver to your core audience.

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