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Top 6 Famous Tools Useful for Data Analytics

The Data Analytics process has some features that can assist types of initiatives. This usually affects measuring standard indicators such as return on investment (ROI). The indicators used will be unlike for individual enterprises. These tools contain classical statistics as well as device understanding. The group of data sets is instrumental in authorizing these procedures. Millions of data are generated every day and data plays a vital part in decision-making for business procedures. So, if you are keen to switch your career towards this field then you must join Data Analytics Online Training in Dubai that will help you to enhance your knowledge in a particular field.

In this post, we will cover different types of Data Analytics Tools.

Useful Data Analytics Tools

Programming Language Rand Pythons-: R and Pythons are the most useful programming tools in Data Analytics fields. The R language is an open-source tool that is useful for Statistics and Analytics. Python is a high-level, analyzed language, and it has a simple syntax and dynamic semantics. Both programming languages are free, and you can download both languages very easily from their respective official websites. Python and R are creating their characteristics and functionalities to facilitate the technique of Data Analysis with high speed and accuracy.

Microsoft Excel-: It is a medium that helps you to get a better insight into your company data. It is a medium that helps you to accumulate a better understanding of your company data. It is one of the most famous tools for Data Analytics. Microsoft Excel allows users with characteristics like sharing workbooks, adding data to Excel directly, and many more. This tool offers a product in three categories; for Home, for Business, and for Enterprises. Excel advancement varies according to the platforms. 

Tableau-: It is a market-leading BI tool it is useful to examine and visualize details in a simpler technique. It permits you to operate on a live data set and consume more time on Data Analysis relative to Data Wrangling. Tableau Public is free software and you can use it to make visualization but you need to save your workbook in Tableau server which can be viewed by everyone. This tool comes up with new features like Fast Analytics, Smart Dashboards, Update Automatically, Ease of Use, and Explore any data. 

Some More Useful Tools for Data Analytics

RapidMiner-: RapidMiner is next to the tool for Data Analytics. RapidMiner is a medium for data processing, creating Machine Learning models, and arrangement. The product of RapidMiner is Studio, GO, Server, Real-Time Scoring, Radoop. All these products have sub-version which varies by features offered and price. RapidMiner 9.6 has increased the platform to the full-time coder and BI users. It is a completely transparent, end-to-end Data Science medium that helps data trial, Machine Learning, and model procedures.  

KNIME-: Konstanz Information Miner is also known as KNIME. It is a free and open-source data analytics, reporting, and integration platform created for analytics on a GUI-based structure. This tool provides two software:

  • KNIME Analytics Platform-: It is useful for cleaning & gathering data, making reusable components available to everyone, and creating Data Science workflows.
  • KNIME Server-: It is used by companies for the deployment of Data Science structure, team collaboration, and management. 

Power BI-: It is useful for Business Analytics. It supplies interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence credentials. Where end-user can develop and report by themselves, without depending on anybody. Power BI provides the following products like Power BI Desktop, Power BI Pro, Power BI Premium, Power BI Mobile, Power BI Embedded, and Power BI Report Server. Power BI has recently come with some solutions like Azure + BI and Office 365 + BI. It helps the users to interpret the data, combine the data, and protect the data across different Office outlets. 


In the End, Data Analytics has various tools and all tools are beneficial for different purposes. Some Data Analyst uses Business analytic software and others may use different programming languages. Each tool has various statistical and visualization libraries. Each tool works on different types of analysis like descriptive, diagnostic, and prescriptive analytics. If you are looking to enhance your career in the data analytics field then you must look forward to the Data Analytics Online Course in Qatar that help you to gain more knowledge about this particular online course.

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