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Top 6 Bedroom Aids for the Elderly

Bedroom aids or bedroom assist for elderly people on bed.

It is important to take care of your elderly. When most of the time they have swollen feet, are unable to move and are ill most of the days. You need to ensure that they find their bed safe and comfortable to use. To make their bed more comfortable for them, you need to add a few aids like backrest for bed, over bed table and many more. Read further to know the top six bedroom aids that are beneficial to the elderly. 

  • Backrest for Bed:

Backrest for bed should be a portable and easily adjustable bedroom aids that can adjust itself to various angles, so that it helps the patients sit upright on bed. It works best for elderly or any bed ridden patients. 

It also offers support to the spinal cord preventing wrong sitting postures. It comes with wide side wings, which helps provide additional support to the lower back as well. It is a lightweight aid that also helps reduce pain from a surgery of any kind. It helps the elderly to sit and read for a longer duration of time. 

  • Blanket Cradle:

A blanket cradle is for those with sensitive skin. This bedroom aids helps with air circulation to the feet, keeping the skin dry. Especially, it helps the patients with burns, open skin sores or other skin infections. It also helps with certain injuries and conditions, like paraplegia or any pressure injury. It is also helpful for the elderly that are bedridden or needs to lie in bed for longer duration. 

As a caregiver, you just need to drape the bedcovers over the cradle and tuck them under the mattress to keep them in proper position. The elderly need to move the cradle so that their feet can rest against it while lying in bed. They can use pillows or blankets to move it. You can add pillows to support them from the sides. 

  • Bed Rails:

Bed rails are used as a safety factor for aging people. It helps provide assistance while turning and repositioning in bed. It helps add additional support to hold onto something while moving in and out of their bed. It provides a sense of comfort as well as security, reducing the risks of falling. It provides easy access to bed controls and personal items when necessary. It makes the transportation process way easier by providing  a strong grip. 

You just need to make sure that it is of correct length, and is portable and does not have sharp edges, and the rails are not slippery while holding, like it should provide a proper grip even with wet hands. 

  • Wedges:

Wedges are what most elderly people need. It helps reduce the back pain, by helping them sit in zero gravity position. It helps with posture that eases snoring, by elevating the sleeping position, making it an easy and effective way to sleep at an angle comfortably. 

It also helps with lounging in bed or couch, comfortably reading or using devices, or watching television. It also helps reduce swelling in the legs, which most of the elderly have. It helps elevate the  feet of the elderly, while the elderly are sleeping. It is a great way to sleep comfortably by elevating the feet while they sleep. 

  • Mattress Elevators: 

Mattress elevators can be remotely controlled. It helps the elderly lift their bodies that fit under the mattress and strap the bed. It helps prevent acid reflux and also reduces snoring. It also helps reduce chronic pain, and improves blood circulation in the body.

The angle of the mattress is important to be seated in a reclined position. It helps the elderly elevate their feet by not straining to pull themselves up. Since this mattress is remotely controllable, it helps them to operate it independently. 

  • Over Bed Table:

Over bed table is an ideal solution for the elderly. It helps provide a stable table surface to have food in the bed. The major advantage of this aid is that it is movable and adjustable, so it is easy for the elderly to set it according to their needs. 

It is designed in such a way that it fits the bed and provides support to them. Not all elderly have the capability to sit on a chair and eat.


You as a caregiver need to take care of the elderly, and since most of the time they are in the bed, thus you need to make sure that they are comfortable there. Because of their health issues, it is not possible for them to move in and out of the bed with energy. Therefore you need to add productive aids to support their health, by adding assistive aids to their bed. Over bed table, backrest, or bed rails, you need to ensure that they feel comfortable and secure on their bed. 

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