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Top 5 side hustles for college students in 2021

Wow! So many side hustles on the internet. Which one to trust or not is a big question now! Interestingly, we got you covered here. You should not get confused after seeing so many options. Before thinking about the side hustle, you should know about your plus points and weaknesses. Here, I’m talking about skills. Many people get confused after seeing numerous side hustles, but the thing is you can not do everything, right? So, you should first analyze the skill you have and accordingly start with the side hustle. 

You are the best analyzer who knows what suits you and not. Let’s say, you take great photos, it’s better to become a photographer. Doing this, you can improve your skill and expand your side hustle.

Enough guidance for now! Let’s start with our top 5 hustles that are perfect for college students in 2021 and will stay in the race for upcoming years.

Best pick – 5 side hustles for college students in 2021

Freelance writer

Whatever you see on Google, social media channels, or anywhere else is in the written format. Who writes all these? Obviously, the content writer. However, writing is modified into two types: content writing and copywriting. 

Content writing is more of an informational blog. On the other hand, copywriting involves creativity. More often, copywriting work can give you more money than content writing. But, you should know what writing you can do. 


After Google, the most popular search engine is YouTube. Nowadays, many people prefer YouTube videos over Google. If you are comfortable in front of the camera, you can start your YouTube channel and become a creator. You can start with anything, vlogging, DIY, advisor, reviewer videos. 

After getting enough views, you can monetize the channel and run ads on it. 

Binary options

Very few people are aware of binary options, but this is one of the trending things on the internet. If you have enough savings, you can start trading. However, initially, you might lose the money, but with time you will become an expert in it. For practice, you can start with the demo account. In this, you do not need to put a single penny. 

The most popular platform to try for binary options is Pocket Option. If you are having any kind of hesitation, you can read the Pocket Option review

Graphic designer 

Don’t be surprised! Have you used Canva or Photoshop before? Can you design good images? Has anyone told you, you are good at graphics? If you are nodding, “yes’ for everything, clap for yourself, you got your skill. 

This is the most demanding skill on the internet on today’s date. You can work for an agency as well as a freelancer. 


This we put last but do not consider it least. If you are good at a particular thing, why not convert it into writing. Suppose, you know everything about mindfulness, you should start blogging on it. Having a good blog can build up a strong fanbase, and at the same time, you can earn a handsome amount by running Adsense on it or any other alternative. This is amongst the best side hustles for college students.

Bottom line

So, these are trending and most popular side hustles which work best for college students in 2021. Moreover, these skills are going to be in demand forever. So, you have great scope in the above discussed skills. Only thing you have to do is enhance your skills and stay updated with the trends. Hope this blog will help you find your skill and eventually end up as a side hustle. 

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