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Top 5 Marketing Ideas for Selling Poultry Products Fast

It is every poultry farmer’s goal to make great sales at the end of the production process. Unfortunately, this is the part that most farmers totally get stuck in. Most farmers spend months raising birds and when it’s time to sell, they don’t make great sales.

Let me be clear about this.

It is not because there is a shortage of demand for poultry products. It’s actually because most farmers are not paying attention to the marketing part of their poultry businesses.

As a poultry business owner, you should be able to understand every aspect of your business. From production to sales. And that includes the marketing aspect. Understand every little detail of your business.

Well, in this blog post, I will share some of the top marketing ideas for selling poultry products the right way. Whether you are a small-scale poultry farmer or producing on a large scale, this blog post is for you.

Let us dive in.

Top Marketing Ideas for Selling Poultry Products Fast


1. Do not be afraid to talk about your business

Talk about your business freely anywhere and with anyone.

And talk about it with passion.

When you are out at a conference, community meeting, or with friends and family, talk about your hustle. Introduce your products and services to people. You never know, you may win someone’s heart and become your forever client.

This is the cheapest method of marketing your poultry products.

2. Ask for referrals

A customer served diligently wouldn’t mind giving you mentions. Ask your past customers to refer potential buyers to you. The best way of killing at this is by offering a small commission for every sale made. That way, your existing and past customers would gladly help you generate more sales through referrals.

About paying a small commission for every sale made, this is a strategy that has been proven to be very effective. Try something like 5-10% commission for every sale made.

3. Take your business online

Do not underestimate the power of online marketing. To build and grow your business online, try the following:

Social Media Marketing

Set up a Facebook business page for your business. Publish posts, help other farmers with tips on the page, share quality content on the page, and finally, market your products to your fans.

Do not use your personal Facebook account for business. Be professional.

Create a Website

This is a winner.

A website basically condenses all the information about a business in one place. Information like the products, price, contact details, and the location of the business.

Before people settle on what to buy these days, they go online and search for necessary information.

Let’s say you want to have your eggs hatched and you are looking for a hatchery near you. I’m sure you are going to “Google” “Egg hatching services in Town X”. And Google will present you with results.

As a buyer, you will go through the top results and settle on one service provider. From their website, you will be able to get the contact details and have your eggs hatched.

I believe you get my point.

Companies like Ziwahost help businesses build and grow their online presence. You can contact them for help.

Set Up Google My Business

This is the quickest way of having your local business listed on Google.

The information you will be asked to provide include:

  • The name of the business
  • Contact information
  • Location
  • What the business is about

The verification process involves physically confirming that the local business exists and can be visited by the customers near you. It is usually done via video call or through sending a mail which takes 14 days to arrive.

Once your business has been listed on Google, you will be getting clients who specifically search for services you provide or products you sell around your location. Free of charge.

The trick to always appear number one on search results is to have lots of positive reviews. Always ask happy customers to leave reviews on your listing.

4. Hire Marketers

I know this may sound weird to some of you.

Marketers for a poultry farm?

Yes, marketers for your poultry business can increase your sales by a bigger percentage.

It is not a must that you put your marketers on a basic salary. No. You can start with commission-based poultry marketers who would earn a given percentage from the total sales they make.

Once the business is well established, you can go ahead and hire one marketer on a contract basis.

5. Advertise

Would you buy something that you have never heard about?

I don’t think so.

People often buy products they know or have heard about.

Engage in advertising and promotions to create awareness. Use channels like local radio stations, influencers, and classifieds columns on the local newspapers, distribute farm flyers, posters. Just put the word out.

Tips to retaining your clients and subsequently acquiring new ones

If you have a good customer base, you will be sure to make good sales. You will also be sure to grow your customer base by acquiring new customers through referrals or other marketing methods.

But how do you retain the clients you already have?

Here are the tips for retaining your already existing clients:

  • Only take orders that you can deliver. It will save you the trouble of having to look for products from other farmers with poor quality products to fulfill orders.
  • Feed your birds well so you can produce quality eggs and meat. Your clients will love you for the good quality of your products.
  • After making sales, do a follow-up on clients. It will clearly show that you care about your clients. Pay them visits, call them and give them expert advice on the products they purchased from you.
  • Run an active social media page. Keep in touch with your clients through daily or weekly social media posts. They won’t forget about you. And there are possibilities that they will share your posts, thereby increasing the chances of your business acquiring new customers.

Wrap Up

Before adopting any of the marketing ideas for selling poultry products I have discussed in this blog post, take some time to do market research.

Understand your market first, then give it the right approach.

That’s all. Do share with us some of the marketing methods that have always worked for you in the comments below. Also, do not forget to like our Facebook page.

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