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Top 10 Tips for Best Winter Travel by Train in India

Good news for travel-loving people. We have explored top 10 tips for best winter travel by train in India. Learn More

Travelling by train in the winter can be pretty difficult, especially in India. The train routes are jammed through dense fog and mist during the dark hours of the day, making it nearly impossible to be on time at the destination, which you can check through IRCTC PNR status.

10 Tips for Winter Train Travel in India

Here are ten expert tips for travelling by train in India during winter.

1.   Try Booking for Day Trains

You can only minimize the loss from fog and mist by booking trains that travel by the day. As we all know, fog is less persistent when the sun is up, so booking trains that travel in the daylight can save you a significant amount of time. After booking, you can check the subsequent running status of the train through IRCTC PNR status. Choose trains that start between 8 to 10 AM, thus travelling the most through proper daylight.

2.   Reserve Tickets for Timely Trains

Certain trains on the Indian rail route get delayed by default, irrespective of the weather condition. You can imagine how late they would be when the conditions are foggy. In that case, before reserving the ticket, study the delay trends of the particular train and explore other options too. Once you find a suitable train time table that delays the minimum, book accordingly through the RailMitra app or website.

3.   Have Buffer Time

All trains would show some amount of delay during winter in India. In that case, your arrival would be delayed, which could dent your plans. Hence, always consider keeping some buffer or extra time at hand when you design your schedule for the journey. Again, when you design your trip, make bookings by calculating the buffer time you consider.

4.   Book Hotels that Allow Delay

Since there is no guarantee of on-time arrival with train rides in India during winter, consider booking hotels that allow flexible check-in timings. You would not want to cancel or change your reservation because your train was delayed. Before making reservations, contact the hotel authorities and check if they have flexible timings. This helps in cases of delays.

5.   Keep Essential Stocks Extra

You should avoid running on a deficit of food on train or water while travelling if your train gets delayed by a significant margin. In that case, always play a gamble and carry extra stock of food and water for emergencies or train delays. In trains that do not have a pantry or a pantry that serves only at specific hours, it can be difficult if you run out of such essentials.

6.   Use the Extra Time

There is no meaning in sitting idle and blaming the railways for your delay. Instead, use that excess time for good. You can contact your tour operators, the hotels, or cabs you have booked and let them know about your delay and ask for a rescheduling of your plans. This way, no party would be in confusion or chaos. Keep track of the time and let the required people know of your delay.

7.   Prepare for Detours

Due to foggy or delayed routes, the train stops at specific points before the destination or even changes routes to avoid further delay. In that case, you can find yourself closer to your destination, but you need to deboard and take an alternative to reach it. While this is a time-saving option, you must stay prepared for such detours. Keep sufficient funds and arrange yourself accordingly if you opt for a detour.

8.   Opt for Popular Routes

There are better times to travel than winter. Even if you decide to travel, opt for common and popular routes for railways. This allows you to have multiple options and seat availability chances which you can check through the RailMitra app or website. Moreover, you can check these options to find the train that takes the minimum time and does not delay.

9.   Pack Warm Clothes

The train journey can be freezing during winter, especially at night and on specific routes. In that case, it is better to carry sufficient warm clothes and sheets that you can use at night to battle the cold.

10. Carry Medicines for Cold

It is natural to catch a cold while travelling on trains in the winter. Thus, carrying appropriate medicines for the cause is a good idea. You would not want to ruin your journey with a cold, so medicines can always come in handy.


Travelling by train can be fun until it delays and ruins all your plans. In such cases, you should stay ready for all kinds of circumstances. Winters can be difficult for train travel due to the foggy conditions at times without daylight.

You can also stay updated with IRCTC PNR status from the RailMitra app or website about train delays, availability of seats, source and destination details, and much more while travelling.

Authored By: RailMitra


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