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Tips For You Overcome The Challenges Of Waste Disposal

Tips For You Overcome The Challenges Of Waste Disposal

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It’s true that the candy wrapper you dropped on the ground the other day could have an impact on the ecosystem for a while.


Waste disposal in Malaysia issues have emerged as a critical concern for many nations and as a worldwide issue that needs to be addressed by all. At least 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic have entered the waters since 2015, and the wildlife that comes into contact with them may be in risk. And did you know that sending rubbish to underdeveloped nations is a common approach for developed nations?


Looking at waste management and disposal as an issue that local and international authorities must resolve at this moment is insufficient. The severe garbage issue we are currently dealing with was sparking by regular individuals like you and me who believe that one candy wrapper drop on the ground or one plastic bottle left on a park bench would not significantly reduce the amount of waste generating in their community. However, when this way of thinking is sharing by hundreds of millions of people, the trash starts to build up and it becomes dangerous.


Regardless of the material—plastic, an outdated computer, or a pair of worn-out shoes—you need to consider proper waste management and disposal. The process of disposing of waste involves several different steps, including burial, burning, recycling, discharge, and others. In fact, the issue is being address by numerous cities and organisations around the globe, but they are unable to fully resolve it. Here are a few typical garbage disposal issues, with potential solutions, in varied sizes.


Home Waste Management


waste disposal in Malaysia


Every day, the average Malaysian discards at least 4.4 pounds (nearly 2 kilos) of garbage. Try to recall all the items you disposed of yesterday. Food containers, single-use plastics for everyday products, bottles, or even food leftovers may fall into this category. However, when you factor in the entire Malaysian population, you’re talking about at least 728,000 tonnes (or 660 million kg) per day. A full load of 63,000 garbage trucks dumping their contents into a landfill would roughly represent the amount of waste produced each day.


It will be challenging to reduce my daily trash output from 4.4 pounds to that of those green vloggers who can pack a year’s worth of rubbish into a standard mason jar. But if you want to make your household more environmentally friendly, you must at least begin someplace. Here are a few tips to help you cut less on the garbage you throw in the trash.


Avoid using single-use plastics.


There are many reusable alternatives to plastic straws, such as glass and metal straws, or biodegradable options, such as plant-based, bamboo, or paper straws. Other examples include sanitary napkins (instead, switch to reusable menstrual cups), take-out containers, and bottled water (if ordering take-out, see if they provide biodegradable containers or bring your own reusable containers and ask the restaurant to put your food in there).


Shopping at bulk retailers and zero-waste establishments that offer unpackaged goods is a beneficial approach to achieve this. You have the choice of purchasing reusable containers from their shop or bringing your own.


To avoid single-use plastic, you might need to alter your way of living. This could involve shopping at a farmer’s market rather than your neighbourhood supermarket for food to avoid purchasing produce that is packaged in plastic and styrofoam, or purchasing shampoo bars or shampoos from bulk stores rather than buying shampoos in bottles.


Sort your trash.


You may organise your waste by making an additional investment in trash cans. There is a general colour coding for garbage containers to help sort waste out more easily, however if your neighbourhood garbage collection doesn’t sort their trash and just throws them all in the same truck, then there isn’t much use in adhering to these colours. Instead, simply get some garbage cans and implement any sorting systems that work for you and your family.


For instance, in my home, the neighbourhood garbage collection simply dumps the waste without sorting it. As a result, we separate plastic bottles, metal bits, and leftover fruits and vegetables from our regular trash. I’ll explain what we do with food leftovers below, but we clean and put plastic and metal debris in other bins. We carry our recycle bins to the neighbourhood recycling facilities once they are full.


waste disposal in Malaysia
People sorting garbage for recycling


Organize Your Scraps


By reusing scraps, you may prevent wasting food scraps and letting them rot in landfills. Since I’ve learned how to compost, I always take biodegradable trash that can be composted and put it in my compost bin. It’s a terrific approach to find a better use for those scraps while lowering the amount of waste I produce each day.


Hazardous and Extreme Waste


But rubbish outside your house is a significant issue for your neighbourhood. The creation of excessive waste is a problem that organisations face. When nations produce 220 million tonnes of waste annually, there is clearly a serious issue. Imagine the total amount being created globally at this time. Producers and businesses’ displays of materialism are coming back to haunt us.


As they look for ways to handle hazardous garbage, waste management firms are constantly on their toes. Despite the fact that toxic waste makes up the majority of today’s garbage, manufacturing corporations continue to boost production. Every day, the businesses produce goods, and it’s possible that some of the poisonous waste will leak into the environment.


According to a previous U.S. EPA estimate, there are about 60,000 untested chemicals in households. The dangerous chemical biphenyl-A (BPA) is present in plastic toys. We can only anticipate a more difficult problem in handling toxic waste disposal if the amount of solid trash keeps rising.


Display Your Support for Environmental Movements

Since you can’t change your neighbourhood, it’s harder to affect waste management on a larger scale. However, the best thing you can do as a regular person is to show that you support green initiatives.


Support businesses that focus on minimising trash, such as bulk stores and zero-waste stores. Making your company eco-friendly and sustainable can draw in a significant portion of the millennial and Gen Z age groups, who prefer doing business with greener small businesses and are expected to overtake the baby boomer generation as one of the largest customer groups in the coming years.


Landfill Issues


A troubling picture of inefficient waste management can be see by looking at landfills. This can only suggest that the environment is under more threat. In the long run, poor management can be dangerous because it can really cause ground water pollution. Environments nearby must deal with unhealthy elements like effluents and dangerous gases.


Another significant obstacle to waste management is the monitoring of lax enforcement of laws and regulations. For decades, the degree of toxicity rises to uncontrollable levels.


Standard Technologies


Though some organisations continue to rely on them, it is becoming clear that some technologies are no longer appropriate for contemporary trash reduction and recycling. These technologies are still widely use in some areas because they provide quick but temporary fixes. But more technology is also being or being produce to address issues with trash management.



Technology can be used to recycle or upcycle garbage, develop substitutes for products that typically generate more waste, or discover a solution to the waste management issue, which is continuously getting worse. There are several examples of this kind of technology on Tech Insider, such as plastic-free toothpaste and shampoo capsules, water pollution removal equipment, and methods for recycling plastic.


Solutions to the Problems with Waste disposal in Malaysia


The foregoing issues can be resolve in a variety of economical methods, including the well-known “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” strategy. Local communities need to be make aware of this fantastic method for managing non-renewable garbage. Countermeasures can be as simple as mending a damaged chair rather than purchasing a new one.


Along with accountability, it’s critical for local governments to embrace contemporary Waste disposal in Malaysia, with slow progress as the catch. Control of landfilling is necessary in accordance with that. Things that can be salvaged or recycled shouldn’t be kept in landfills.


But most importantly, modifying domestic waste management behaviours is necessary if waste management is to be successful. Even though it’s true that business trash also adds to the overall waste problem affecting our world, individuals can start reducing their waste in the comfort of their own homes. If we want to see changes in the quantity of garbage the typical person produces each day, they may need to make deliberate changes to their lifestyle.


The truth is that appropriate trash disposal is possible, but it won’t be simple. Long-term planning and the adoption of contemporary practises will finally produce the desired outcomes. In order to address the widespread issue of Waste disposal in Malaysia, policy support is undoubtedly needed.




Waste management is a worldwide issue that must be handle from the individual to the policy level. It will need a concerted effort from everyone to reduce waste and increase recycling rates. Waste management can be make easier with knowledge and effort, and the environment will thank us.


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Micheal is a content writer working at Gargeon. Apart from writing, he loves swimming and aims to educate people about the importance of Waste disposal in Malaysia to preserve our mother earth.


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