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Tips and Tricks for Choosing High-Quality Granites

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A home that gives a sense of comfort and is beautiful is what we yearn for.  We think, plan and discuss for years before deciding each material, interiors, and arrangement. One such amazing choice is granites.

Granites of excellent grade are extremely robust and durable, lasting for many years. We’ve put up a few pointers on how to choose the greatest quality granites so that you can build your dream home with the right materials.

When you first walk into the market with the hopes of finding beautiful granites to enhance the beauty of your home, the hundreds of options, colors, and patterns might be overwhelming. Finally, you may find it difficult to select a good granite for your specific needs, and you may be tricked by inferior granite materials.

Let us assist you with a few strategies to follow before finalizing items so that you can get the most out of the available options.

How Granites are formed

Let’s have a look at how granites are created before we dive into the sea of granites.

Granites are formed naturally by the gradual solidification of volcanic rocks beneath the earth’s crust and are known as igneous rocks. Feldspar, quartz mica, amphibole, and other minerals are found in it.

Granites come in a variety of colors owing to the varying quantities of minerals contained in the stone. If the granite contains 20% quartz, it is considered pure.

Granite is a term used in the commercial world to describe any hard stone that isn’t marble. Diorite, andesite, syenite, anorthosite, basalt, and granulite are examples of igneous rocks that are typically marketed as granite.

Quarries all over the world yield these thick rocks. As a result, there is a significant risk of quality differences.

Different Granite Grades

You may choose grades based on your budget and requirements. We’ve included the commercially accessible grades so you can get a general idea of what they mean when you’re shopping for granites.


  • These are simple granites with basic colors and patterns
  • They require wood backings since they are unable to hold the heavyweights.
  • They are thinnest of all other grades
  • Suitable for middle to low-cost housing units


  • Middle-grade granite consists of more patterns and colors.
  • Has many varieties of markings
  • They are more hard and durable as compared with grade 1 granites


  • This is the best both quality and colors wise, compared to other grades
  • he rare designs, rainbow colors, and patterns make them one of a kind
  • The price is a bit higher side for having sparkling and glittering mineral deposits trapped inside giving it an extra pop.

Physical Aspects

Consider what colours are suited for your house; for example, if you want granites that do not require frequent cleaning, choose dark colours such as black and grey; if you prefer white colours, make sure they are cleaned on a regular basis.

Decide on the colours you want to use, and make sure they go well with your home’s decor.

Check the regularity and straightness of the granite as well; if they aren’t in sync, the granite’s functionality may be harmed.

Check if the Granite is Acid and Chemical Resistant?

Despite the fact that granites are porous materials, they are processed in the least absorbent way possible. If the granite is of poor quality, it can absorb acids and other chemicals present in ordinary items, causing discoloration and harming the gleaming surface.

Which country it was originated?

Grade 1 granites are mostly imported from China and are used for commercial purpose Middle to High-Grade granite usually comes from India Brazil or Norway

Check if the thickness is according to your requirements?

While checking for the thickness, basic level grades are very thin and are supported by wood

Middle and Higher-Grade granite is thicker and hard enough to hold heavyweights. Higher grade granites are much thicker and strong

A Simple Step- By- Step Process to Select the Best Quality Granite

If you are a first-time buyer we know how daunting the granite selection process is. You can always take help from a friend who has good knowledge or rely upon someone who has a good amount of experience in this field

To get you started, here are some basic actions you can take to ensure you make the best decision possible.

Step 1: Keep an Eye for the Dents

Examine the granite block thoroughly, check for cracks, discolorations, scratches, and dents Keep an eye out for the consistency of the surfaces as well. Check to see whether the borders are straight.

Step:2 Look for colors that are the best fit your home interiors

Increasing your budget will not guarantee you the greatest style or pattern for your kitchen. Think about what colors and patterns might go well with your interiors. You could come upon a valuable gem for a reasonable price.

Step 3: Check if the measurements are according to your requirements

Check the measurements to see if they meet the standards. Do not accept a slab that has not been cut to your specifications. It will only result in compromises and difficulties on your end

Step 4: Determine the right thickness

Measure the thickness. Entry-level slabs are sold very thin with wood backing. There isn’t much of a difference in thickened from middle to high-grade but high-grade granite can come in thicker variants.

This is not just an arbitrary marker though. The thicker the granite the stronger it is.

Tests to determine the quality of granites

It’s quite surprising how simple tests can help you determine good quality granites. Here’s how you can examine the right granites for you!

Test 1

Check the polish quality of the granite by gently brushing a coin on the polished surface. Slabs that easily scrape may have low-quality polish or sealant.

Test 2

Sprinkle a few drops of lemon juice on the granite slabs, if the granite absorbs the liquid and leaves a white stain it’s a red flag!

Test 3

Dipping a piece of cloth in alcohol or kerosene and rub it on the surface. Granite slabs that discolor from this test are colored with artificial pigments and do not display their natural appearance.


Because granite stones are one-time purchases, make no hasty decisions. Make sure you’re getting the greatest stuff possible before you invest. If you follow the instructions above, the purchasing process will be stress-free, and you will be able to have those masterworks glowing brilliantly in your house!

Going to a trusted granite slab provider is another strategy to enhance your chances of succeeding in purchasing quality granites

Impex Granites is your one-stop destination for premium quality granites at reasonable pricing, with over 16 years of expertise delivering the greatest quality granites in India and throughout the world. We can help you choose the perfect shades for your countertops and flooring granites based on your needs.

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