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Things to Know Before Going to Apple Service Center

When it comes to any repair people are more concerned with customer service and warranty post repair. As many Apple Service center in Mumbai are efficient and experts when it comes to any repair related to MacBook pro, MacBook air, or mac mini. Before buying any MacBook many users consider the right configuration according to their needs. Most users prefer to buy Apple MacBook Air as its affordable compared to any apple MacBook pro retina. By default, you get 1 year of warranty on the device which does not cover any physical or liquid damage.

Apple authorised service center is the best place to get any Apple device repair when there under warranty. But if your device is out of warranty you need to check with a third party apple repair center. Most of these repair stores are fully equipped with the right tools and parts which can repair any issues related with MacBook in few hours or same day. Here are a few things you should do before giving your device to the apple repair store. This will save your time and data will be safe.

Backup Data:

Doing a backup from any apple MacBook or MacBook air is quite easy. Anyone can easily do time machine backup in an external hard drive which can restore in the future or accessed by connecting it externally. We always recommend you to take the data in WD portable hard drive. If the issues of your MacBook are related to a battery replacement, keyboard replacement, or screen repair you don’t need to do any backup. The time machine backup takes anywhere from 1hr to 2 hr. If you are doing a manual backup make sure to copy the picture library as all the pics in photo apps are stored there.

MacBook repair in Navi Mumbai

Warranty of Repair:

Whenever you plan to give your device for any repair to the third party make sure to check for the warranty of the repair. Most of the genuine Apple service center in Mumbai will offer you a warranty of 3 months to 6 months. If any repairing center gives less than this we suggest you check with other options. Many technicians can diagnose the issue on call. You need to check with the technician if he can give you any troubleshooting advice as a few issues like freezing or no boot can be resolved by doing SMC reset & PRAM reset.

Quality of Parts:

For any repair, the quality of the parts is very much important as they can impact the performance of the device. Post-repair make sure the apple center is using original or grade apart as they are reliable and last longer compare to Chinese parts. In case of battery replacement or MacBook charger, 6 months to 1-year warranty is a must. Do check with them before processing a repair. Many issues such as Screen replacement, keyboard repair, etc can be done onsite to check if they have an onsite repair facility. This will also help you to check the parts before they install to them. Thank you for reading if you like this post, please like our Facebook page for an update like this.

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