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Things To Keep In Mind While Applying For Study In Canada

Study In Canada

Applying For Study In Canada

There has been a recent surge of international students applying for academic courses in Canada. If reports are to be believed, there has been a 23% rise in Canadian student visas in 2022 compared with the results in 2021. The primary reason could be that the country now ranks 1st among those offering quality living.

Moreover, some of the world’s top universities are housed in this nation. Students who want to Study In Canada will benefit more from the current International Education Strategy, which has a budget of 147.9 million CAD for international study programs.

However, many learners are still in the dark about the accommodations, admission, application process and other essential details about undergraduate degree education in this country though the cost of air tickets is not a concern these days. Let’s clear the doubts.


Eligibility Criteria: UndergraduateDegree In Canada

Canadian Universities and colleges check a candidate’s academic eligibility through GPA (Grade Point Average) scores. A minimum 60-70% GPA score is necessary to apply for a Canadian undergraduate degree for international students. However, if one chooses to earn a diploma, the grades are more flexible.


Standardised English Tests To Earn A Canadian Undergraduate Degree

A high score on an English proficiency test is mandatory to seek admission to Canadian universities. The following test scores are acceptable in Canadian educational institutes:

  • IELTS–IELTS is one of the most widely accepted English proficiency Tests across all Canadian universities. It measures a student’s English skills in Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. Applicants must have a 6.5 score to apply to a Canadian academic institute.
  • TOEFL(iBT)- Academic institutes that offer a graduate degree usually accept this test score. Scores in the range of 80-100 are accepted in these institutes.
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE)-Many academic institutions accept high PTE scores for English proficiency.

However, the acceptable score varies with the academic intuition one applies.


Fee Structure for Undergraduate Degree In Canada For Global Students

The Canadian education system is exceptionally decentralised. All 10 Canadian provinces have their own educational system. Thus, the fee structure varies with the territory’s education policy and academic program.

However, typically an undergraduate program in education, law, nursing, humanities, engineering, and arts can come under the price tag of 15,000 CAD to 33,000 CAD. However, the cost of specialised courses like dentistry, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine can shoot up to 63,000 CAD per year. In addition, the cost of lodging, health care and other sundry expenses can be roughly 15,000 CAD a year.


Types Of Undergraduate Degree in Canada

An international student can pursue 4 types of undergraduate degrees.

  • Bachelor’s degree– lengths between 3-4 years academic program permitting a student to earn a credit of 90 and 120 points
  • Associate degree– equivalent to a bachelor’s degree, it lengths to a maximum of 2 years of the full-time academic program allowing a student to earn 60 credit points. In addition, the earned credits can be utilised in a future bachelor’s degree program in a Canadian university.
  • UG college diploma– specifically designed to earn a technical or industrial skill, this program length for 2 years consisting of 120 credits.
  • UG college certificate– permits students to earn a maximum of 12 credit points; these program lengths between 3-9 months to prepare them with enough knowledge and skills for an entry-level job.


Undergraduate Application Process for International Students In Canada

Students from non-Canadian countries who want to pursue their undergraduate studies in Canada must apply to the respective university 5-6 months in advance. This time must be devoted to filling up the application form of the academic institution, putting forward the required documents and applying for scholarships.

There are 2 ways to apply to Canadian college:

  • Directly connecting to the academic institution
  • Applying through the provincial universities application centre

Here are some of the documents that every student must provide to take admission to any Canadian academic institution:

  • Original transcripts of secondary and post-secondary education
  • Certificate of English proficiency
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Letter of Recommendation (LORs)
  • Proof of adequate Funds
  • Copy of Passport


Acceptance of the offer for the Canadian undergraduate degree

Once the academic institution accepts a candidate’s application, it will send the acceptance letter to the online account. Once accepted, the candidate will have to pay the preliminary non-refundable and non-transferable fee. However, payment does not guarantee a seat for the chosen academic program; it is only confirmed upon providing the document and fulfilling the academic requirement.


Applying For a Study Permit For An Undergraduate Degree In Canada

Students wishing to spend more than 6 months in Canada to pursue a study program must obtain a study permit before landing there. It can be obtained through Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada portal. In addition, those who wish to Abroad Study in Quebec must get a Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec online.


Accommodation For International Students in Canada

Students can choose between the off-campus and on-campus styles of living. Varying on the city a student lives in and the chosen accommodation style, the cost can range between 37000-52000 CAD.

Here is a break-up of the yearly expenses:

Tuition fees 19000 CAD
Health Insurance 850 CAD
Textbooks 700 CAD
On-campus Rent 7,000 CAD
Mobile phone (basic package) 350 CAD
Public Transit Pass 500 CAD
Groceries/Food 3,600 CAD
Entertainment/Clothes/Gifts 1000 CAD
Car: Insurance 1,500 CAD
Car: Fuel 2,500 CAD
Total Expenses 37,000 CAD


List Of Scholarships for Students Applying For A Undergraduate Degree In Canada

Students from the USA, UK, and Australia cannot get a good variety of scholarships to study in Canadian universities. However, the universities provide valuable scholarships to students enrolling in the institution’s academic program. The best ones include: –

  1. University of Alberta International Scholarships
  2. University of British Columbia Scholarships
  3. University of Saskatchewan International student award
  4. York University International Student Program
  5. International Student Scholarships at Humber College Canada


To sum up

Landing in a foreign country for an undergraduate degree is about understanding its processes and sticking to its rules. So while opting to study in Canada, keeping these simple things in mind may help secure a seat at the best place. Best of Luck!

Author Bio: Rick Johnson is a part-time student counsellor at a company that helps students to prepare for studying in foreign universities. He may not be able to help you secure your air ticket; however, you may take his assistance to solve other academic queries. Need his assistance? Please send it to abroadvice.com.

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