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The Versatility and Effectiveness of Spill Containment Berms

Safety and environmental responsibility should be a top priority for any business. It’s especially important for companies that handle potentially hazardous liquids. Spills or leaks of oil, fuel, or fluids from trucks and other containment areas are common examples. In addition to the potential ecological effects, the consequences of those kinds of accidents can include significant clean-up expenses. Instead, you can use reliable spill containment berms as an effective strategy for reducing the risk of spills or leaks for your business.

The Basics of Spill Containment Berms

A containment berm is a piece of equipment that captures and contains spills, leaks, drips, washdown, or runoff from your equipment or storage containers. Common instances where you can use them are under vehicles, machinery, tanks, storage vessels, valves, pipes, and more. Modern containment berms tend to be mobile and portable, though more stationary, longer-term berms as well. The size of containment berms can also vary considerably, depending on their use.

The Benefits of Spill Containment Berms

Containment berms can provide your business and organization with a variety of benefits. One of the primary examples is the prevention of soil and water pollution. Chemical storage, transportation, industrial cleaning, and waste disposal companies that handle dangerous and volatile chemicals and materials often use spill containment berms. Containing spills or leaks of toxic, flammable, or corrosive fluids protects machinery and other resources from damage. Plus, it protects the environment and protects personnel from injury. Containment berms may also be essential for compliance with EPA, OSHA, and NPDES regulatory standards.

The Features to Look for in Spill Containment Berms

While containment berms can vary by size, shape, and material, there are common features to look for in any solution. Find your spill containment berms from a company that specializes in spill control and manufactures a variety of high-quality PVC products, like a water bladder tank selection. A trusted company with potable water bladder tank options should also be a reliable source for spill containment berms. Look for a manufacturer that offers a variety of containment berms that are designed for easy setup and takedown and made of chemical resistant materials.

The Kinds of Spill Containment Berms

Quick Setup Protector Berms

An effective quick protector berm is one that is available in a variety of standard sizes, including sizes big enough for large trucks and other vehicles to park on. Search for berms that a single person can deploy or take down quickly without tools. You should be able to unfold it when needed and set up the walls in a matter of seconds. This allows vehicles to quickly enter and exit the containment area from any direction with minimal labor required to drop and raise the containment walls. Best of all, quick protector berms conveniently fold down into a small, convenient package for easy transport and storage.

Roughneck Berms

Roughneck containment berms are the most durable models and are crucial in extreme conditions. They feature reinforced bottoms to prevent rips, tears, or punctures from rocks and other hazards. That’s because they’re made from ultra-chemical-resistant fabric and the strongest geomembrane to withstand the harshest conditions. Look for roughneck berms featuring a slip guard system welded to its floor.

Mini Spill Berms

Mini spill berms and go-go berms are compact, portable berms that businesses and even homeowners can use to contain smaller drips, leaks, and spills. Therefore, these convenient containment berms are ideal for garages, shops, and homes. They are popular for containing paint, oil or fuel leaks, and leaky plumbing. Most importantly, they’re small enough to fold up and store almost anywhere.

About AIRE Environmental

When your company or organization needs reliable, efficient flood and spill containment solutions, you can always trust AIRE Environmental (formerly AIRE Industrial) for the equipment you need. AIRE Environmental designs and builds portable water bladders, flood control gear, and spill containment berms, all manufactured in Meridian, Idaho, USA. For more than 20 years, their equipment has effectively resolved problems caused by leaks, spills, and drips, in addition to potable water storage. They’ve partnered with businesses and agencies in industries including emergency response, disaster relief, construction, defense industries, hazmat cleanup, and a variety of others. Every piece of AIRE Environmental gear leaves their production facilities designed to withstand anything that you—or nature—can throw at it. AIRE Environmental products are built to be dependable and reliable when you need them most.

Maximize convenient and effective safety solutions at https://www.aireenvironmental.com/

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