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The SOAP Method Of Writing Essays With Ease

The SOAP Method Of Writing Essays With Ease

There is no way you can avoid essay writing when you enter college. The traditional and the most common form of essay writing is writing the body in three parts and tagging one introduction and one conclusion at the beginning and of it. What if you are not used to these forms of writing; even drafting the introduction can become a heck of a task for you. The only possible outlet is to seek assistance from the experts of Essay writer services.

If you are looking for an alternative way out, you can try the SOAP method. This method is beneficial to those who need help to do my essay. It disintegrates your essay and helps you figure out one of the most crucial elements – the thesis. Once you get this done, writing building your essay becomes easy.


Think about the subject of your essay; what you have decided to write about. It is one of the primary points on which you develop your essay. For example, if you are writing an essay on ‘Gambling should be legalized worldwide’, the subject of your essay is ‘Gambling Should Be Legalized Worldwide’. If you feel you can’t decide on the topic of your article, feel free to seek expert assistance from the experts of any cheap writing service in Canada.


It is a tricky point to decide on. The occasion here does not necessarily mean festivities. It is the reason or the motive why you are writing the essay in the first place. Think carefully. If you take an example from the one mentioned above – ‘Gambling Should Be Legalised Worldwide‘, the occasion of the essay is to inform the readers about the perks of legalising gambling worldwide. If you can’t find the motive or occasion for writing your essay, take advice from Assignment help experts online.


Have you decided for whom you are writing your Assignment? It is an integral part of your essay writing, the kind and tone of the language you use, the specific information you add, etc. Unless you get a hold of the audience of your essay, you won’t know what you will write about. For example, if you are writing an essay about ‘The health benefits of ballroom dancing’, your primary audience will be those who wonder how to lose weight and those interested in ballroom dancing. In short, once you know the target audience, you have the control of molding your essay as per the needs of the paper.


Determine the purpose of writing your essay? Are you trying to convince your reader or inform them, or are you describing something? Without a purpose, your paper can become confusing and lost. In the example, ‘The health benefits of ballroom dancing’ want to convince its audience to use it to lose weight.

Thus, once you fill out the 4 points mentioned above, you can easily determine your essay’s thesis. Then, you can find out the introduction and in the three body paragraphs, explain three benefits of ballroom dancing and then write the conclusion.

Summary –The SOAP method of essay writing helps you determine the essay thesis. Once you get it right, you write the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.

Author bio: Jennifer Harris is a professor and supervisor of many renowned academic writing services. If you want to connect with her, you may contact her at myassignmethelphelp.com/uk.

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