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The Role Of Media In The Election Process

☑ Overview

Every one of us utilizes media in some capacity in our daily lives. And we can’t live without it nowadays, whether it’s the print media, the internet, or television. The mass media connects and broadcasts all we need to know. And all the knowledge we need to survive in society.

Several questions and hypotheses may be constructed concerning the media and election. Election are essential for exercising national sovereignty and may be viewed as a barometer of society’s quality. They assert that political power is transferred from the people to the politician and that the term “politician” should not be used in a negative context.

☑ A Theoretical Approach To Communication

It is hard to talk about just one theoretical perspective in the context of this graduation paper. The foundation of this construction should be visible from many angles and levels, and these techniques will be outlined concisely, assuming precognition.

The media’s agenda-setting duty is appropriate in this regard. The major political issues do not emerge from the press but societal dialogue and media occurrences.

If one can equate communicator and politician, one must be interested in the following question: how can politicians rally voters to vote for this party with their vision of excellent state policy?

This research relies heavily on the cognitive dissonance hypothesis. She elaborates on the information behavior conclusions.

When there is a misalignment between the people’s opinions and beliefs, the populace will strive to be selective. That is, one will seek knowledge that mitigates the dissonance.

If this theory is applied to election and politics, it may be concluded that voters would vote for the party with a minor dissonance.

☑ Theoretical Perspective

It is vital to employ the theoretical approach before the practical one to confirm my diploma assignment’s powerful queries and main theses. We must first comprehend the notion and idea of mass media and then use that understanding to support my study theses. One must grasp what the media should do and what we expect of them as persons and as members of a social system.

☑ The Purpose Of Mass Media

This includes all technological and non-technical resources that provide all relevant information about the society, information that is necessary for the society’s operation and well-being.

They serve many purposes at various levels, but the most important to this research are those that Burkart best articulates at the level of communication studies. Because all political information is really “secondary experience,” the media is given this unique position through a decrease in complexity.

In system theoretical terms, these many roles of communication systems are referred to as the “Performance” of the media for society. It alludes to the functions that the so-called “Media” Subsystem performs for the community.’

However, it is essential to remember that not all tasks contribute to the social system, which is why there are functional and non-functional tasks.

The social system is made up of several subsystems that are interconnected.

The political and social subsystems are the most significant for this diploma paper. As a result, the following roles of the media may be extracted:

  • The social function
  • Economic role
  • Political role
  • Role of Information

☑ Impact Of The Mass Media:

We define the social function of the media as all of the media’s accomplishments. That affect or should affect the environment as a social system.

The media provides us with the specifics of our society that we require to participate socially, and the media should give us direction in our chaotic and ambiguous culture.

The gratifications function is the mass media’s third social function, and it undervalues the public’s desire for dispersion and diversion.

They can, and usually do, alter throughout time. It’s also a good idea to avoid using “mass loyalty” because it has significant connotations from the National Socialist era.

☑ Function Of The Mass Media:

The mass media’s primary political duty is to shape public opinion. Individuals communicate with the world through the media, which also reproduces modern society’s self-image, which is made possible through the dissemination of information.

– Political information is gathered from the election media and then sorted according to different media themes, and they are broadcast to the audience after the selection. Because media coverage is often the primary source of information for citizens. It is a necessary prerequisite for creating political societies.

– The media chooses who will be in the scenario. Who will be featured in the news or on television programs?

– The media interpret the political landscape and events, using this information to create the System input and System output. 

☑ Approach To Setting The Agenda

The agenda-setting approach’s primary assertion is that the media does not decide what people should think but rather what they should think about.

This media function explains the election power of the media to construct reality and impart. Information and thinking to the general audience.

With this remark, it is clear that this technique plays a significant role in producing social reality. Particularly when it comes to topics like public communication. That is why it is critical to pay attention to the subjects that the media examines.

There have been several studies to evaluate this method, the most noteworthy of which is one that investigated. What sort of media impact unique topics on special spots in the news had. Other studies included those on agenda-setting effects on politicians’ evaluations, often known as “priming.” This research was crucial since it revealed. Whether the media might affect the populace by broadcasting more unique subjects.

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