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The Perfect Guide to Selling on Amazon

The Perfect Guide to Selling on Amazon

How to List your Products on Amazon
The ease of Amazon Product Upload and the listing has always been a major USP for the retailers. Amazon allows almost every retailer to list their products with them. The first thing that you need to do is to sign-up with Amazon. The next step would be to list your products. Once this is done, you can become a seller on Amazon. This is how you can do it:

– Scan and Match Your Product

If your products have barcodes (UPS, EAN or ISBN) then you can scan them using Amazon’s app and find existing products in the same category. Once you come across similar products on the website, add offer details which will allow you to share information regarding price, shipping, delivery charges and more. Since many sellers are selling similar products, you will find a pre-set list or category for your product and you can go ahead with the same.

– Creating a new Amazon Listing

Amazon Product Listing is dynamic in general. You will find a product similar to yours on their list. But, if that is not the case, you can create a new Amazon product list. Click on ‘don’t see product’. You will find the option of ‘create a new listing’. Add your product along with a clear image and description. Review and publish your listing.

Challenges faced in Amazon Listing

As an eCommerce platform, Amazon sets its own rules. New retailers are often perplexed by their guidelines and find themselves looking to avail amazon listing services. Following the cut-throat competition, it is necessary to fortify your standing. If you’re finding yourself inadequate in setting up a competitive listing and thinking of opting for specialized amazon listing services.
The uniqueness of products is not one of the USPs of Amazon. You will find various identical products on this website. But, if you want to tilt the customer’s attention towards your product, you must go the extra mile. There are a few things that you will get while availing product listing services:
  • Your expert will warrant that your product is listed under the right category which is, more often than not, the most challenging part of product listing. Your products will be sorted into proper categories and subcategories so that they show up on the right page.
  • The first thing that a customer notices about a product on Amazon is the image. As a part of your Amazon listing services, an image editor will see that your product image is properly cropped, resized and eye-catching.
  • Next, your product will be given a compelling description that will be drafted from a buyer’s perspective. This will be done keeping in mind the SEO needs.
  • The name of your product and effective capitalization is also of the utmost importance. This will be taken care of while affixing other crucial information like SKUs, MPN, UPC and more.
  • On-time assistance in tracking the order inflow and shipping.
The idea here is to make your product stand out in a homogenous mix. Through these product listing services, you will be able to achieve it. Only being present is not enough, you need to create your presence as well.

How to Manage Bulk Amazon Product Listings?

Amazon Product Upload for bulk products is not an arbitrary mechanism. Adding various products separately can be confusing and time-consuming. Instead of adding one product at a time to your seller’s profile, you can use bulk upload option which is available to pro-merchants on Amazon. Once you have your specialized account, you can use Amazon’s pre-set Excel templates to create bulk listings.
For bulk Amazon product upload, you need to log-in to your seller’s account and download the inventory file. Now, through ‘Inventory’, direct yourself to ‘Add Products via Upload’. You will come across an Excel sheet with extensive instructions. This Excel sheet is your encyclopedia. It has all the instructions related to the details that you will need to create your bulk product listing. Once you have filled in all the information corresponding to this Excel sheet, you can list as many products in your profile as you require.
Amazon is accessible in almost all parts of the world. If you want to take your business online, you should start  as it is both consumer and seller-friendly. Your products will have a wider reach at this platform. Being a new merchant can be intimidating but with a little help, you can maximize your profits.
SunTec India is your Amazon expert. Our specialists understand the complex demands of this marketplace. Whether you are having issues in maintaining your Amazon inventory, product upload or listing, we are always happy to assist you. From SEO and marketing to editing, we can leave everything to us. For more information, you can write to us at info@suntecindia.com.

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