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The Most In-Demand Jobs for Commerce Students in India

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Commerce students are privileged to build their professional careers in different sectors. BCom students can find recruitment in various companies. However, people look for jobs that offer excellent remuneration. There are a few jobs that come with excellent revenues in providing for the BCom students. For pursuing these jobs, you need to complete the course from the best commerce colleges in Jaipur. Find the most in-demand jobs for commerce students.

Financial Planner

From startups to large-scale companies, all businesses need financial planners these days. The job of the financial planner is to plan the budget for the companies. Excellent budget planning helps businesses to achieve their goals seamlessly. After completing B.Com or M.Com from commerce colleges in Jaipur, you can apply for the financial planner’s job. For the job, you do not need to undergo any short-term special courses.

Bank Executive

India has a growing banking sector, and you will find many private and public sector banks in the Indian banking sector. Along with those banks, cooperative banks also play an essential role in the country’s economic growth. You can find a job in public and private sector banks after completing BCom. Bank executives can earn 2.5 lakhs per year in the beginning. With growing experience, their salary can reach 6-7 lakhs per year.

Stock Market Advisor

In this era, consultancy services have become essential parts of our lives. Many people have an interest in stock market trading, but they lack enough knowledge. Thus, such people need consultancy services for investing money in stock trading. Many stock trading consultancy firms are there, and they recruit BCom students. The best thing is that such companies provide extensive stock market training to the recruited students.

Insurance Officer

After completing BCom from the best commerce colleges in Jaipur, you can find a job in the insurance sector. An insurance officer deals with many tasks. The person gives information to buyers on different insurance policies. You also need to check and process the documents of the buyers for selling insurance policies.

So, these are some of the high-paying jobs that one can pursue after completing BCom from the finest commerce colleges in Jaipur. Apart from these jobs, you can find conventional jobs such as accountant, financial advisor, etc.

Chartered Accountant

If you are from the field of commerce, then you’ve most likely heard about Chartered Accountants. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, or ICAI, is a statutory body that designates a person as a chartered accountant after they have successfully passed a series of examinations.
For commerce students, evolving into the role of a CA is the most popular job option. The primary objective of chartered accountants is to handle the accounts of a company. Moreover, chartered accountancy happens to be one of the highest-paying jobs. You will gain more recognition with experience and exposure.

Investment Banking

Commerce students learn in detail about managing finances. In other words, they are deemed as individuals who can present the best take on how any organization can handle its savings.
The primary objective of an investment banker is to provide sound financial advice and recommendations to various companies. The best commerce colleges in Jaipur would allow you to learn the various principles of finances and their importance.
There are other career opportunities for commerce students apart from the ones mentioned above. Enrolling in a specialization course right after B Com would help you to brighten your career prospects.


In India, we follow an education system that has been segregated into Science, Commerce, and Humanities. While a majority of these fields indirectly complement each other, we are conditioned to believe that Science students have a bright future ahead. This notion is not true as Commerce steam can provide you with good jobs and a secured future.

Commerce comprises diverse fields like accountancy, financial management, etc., which have bright future prospects. The commerce colleges in Jaipur would help you prepare for the challenges that lie ahead in your professional life. Job prospects related to commerce have got salary and job satisfaction which is quite unique.

There exists a wide variety of high-paying jobs in India for capable commerce graduates. But at times, a B Com degree wouldn’t be enough to land a high-paying job. Specializations in other courses can drastically improve your job prospects.

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