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The Most Effective Method to Fix a Warped Vinyl Record

Warped Vinyl Record

On a lovely Sunday afternoon, you take out your favorite vinyl record from your collection and place it on the turntable. You place the stylus on the vinyl and sit back to enjoy the music when you catch a sound that you were not expecting to hear – that of the disc wobbling on the turntable! This can only mean one thing – that your vinyl record has got bent or warped. If you hold up the disc at eye level you will be able to see the warp on it. Considering it’s a cherished record and maybe even a rare, expensive vinyl pressing, is there a way to fix it?

Sadly, you cannot just bend the vinyl record back into shape as you do with a metal hanger. Some people use a clamp on bent records when they play them but this does not work on all turntables and it does not repair the warped disc. The long and short of it is that there is no magic fix-it for flattening warped vinyl records. We will list a few ways you can try using to fix the issue but before that let us see what you can do to avoid such damage to your custom vinyl records in the first place.

How Can You Protect Your Custom Vinyl Records from Getting Warped?

Here are a few steps you can take to minimize the chances of your vinyl records getting bent.

Proper storage

If you stack your collection by placing the records vertically, be careful that the records don’t lean to one side. This can render the records that are being leaned on out of shape. Use dividers so that the records stand upright. If you are in the habit of placing your vinyl records one over the other, then make sure you are not stacking too many in one pile as this can put pressure on the lower ones and bend them over time.

Protection from heat

Vinyl records are made of a type of plastic and thus prolonged exposure to sunlight or heat can distort the shape of the discs. So, take care to store your records in a place that is dry and cool.

Regular cleaning

Yes, this simple step can help keep your vinyl in shape. Small particles or impurities can, over time, get pressed onto the surface of the record and cause bends on it. So, wipe down and clean your collection regularly.

However careful we are, we may still end up with a warped vinyl record. So, is there a way we can undo this damage and rescue the bent vinyl record? Let us explore them.

How to Fix a Warped Vinyl Record?

If the warped vinyl record is a favorite one and you simply must try to put it back in shape, there are a few ways you can use to flatten the disc. But it is a toss-up between trying to repair the bent record and risking damaging it even more. If are you ready to risk it, then here are a few methods that you can use to repair the disc:

Heavy Sandwich

It’s time to finally put those heavy coffee table books to good use! This method entails placing the warped record between two heavy books and leaving it there for a week or so. Make sure that you clean the record thoroughly so that no impurities get embedded in the disc in this process. Also, choose books that are big enough to completely cover the disc, or else it may snap at the uncovered part. To further protect the record, put it inside the vinyl sleeves before placing it between the books. This simple method is relatively less risky and is also the most effective, especially if the warp is a small one.

Buy a record flattening machine

You can buy a record flattener and use it to repair the warped disc. These machines typically combine the above methods to get the desired result. But these machines are expensive and a good one costs anywhere between $1500 and $2500 and they don’t promise results.

Go to an experienced record store

When it comes to experts in vinyl records, Australia has many options to offer. You can choose to leave the job of flattening the warped record to the professionals. Even though they will not give a 100% guarantee on the job, their experience will give them a better bet at restoring the disc.

Wrapping Up About Warping

If stuck with a warped vinyl record, you can try either of the home DIY methods mentioned above to straighten the bend out. But there is a danger of the record getting irreparably damaged. You can also take it to a record store and get them to try and repair it for you. With no foolproof technique to unbend a vinyl record, it is safest to follow the simple preventive steps given in the blog to protect your valued vinyl collection.

If you are looking to replace a warped record or just simply augment your collection of custom vinyl records, tap into the expertise and creativity of the team at Impress Vinyl. From test pressing to design, we are in the business of creating beautiful vinyl for enthusiasts and connoisseurs. We offer flexible features like low minimum order quantity, special fast delivery, free CDs, etc. With our penchant for beauty and perfection, you can be sure of getting the best vinyl records from us.

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