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The Most Common Questions On Hearing Aids And Their Answers

The Most Common Questions On Hearing Aids And Their Answers

Hearing loss is becoming very common, especially for people over the age of 60 years. Hearing aids are the best solution in these cases, but there are a lot of questions and doubts that each patient’s hearing loss carries in their mind.

While some of us would already have experienced the hearing test sessions, others would have been wondering what all it includes. A specialist often prescribes a hearing test Chelsea, when he wants to be sure about your ear is working fine.

So here is a perfect guide with the most common questions that are being asked about hearing aids and the most genuine answers to them.

1.  Why do I need hearing aids-

This is the first and foremost question that every patient who an expert has advised to use a hearing aid has in his mind. So to answer this, we would start from the very beginning.

After conducting the hearing test on the ear, the expert concluded that because of the degree of hearing loss one has, he would be better off using a hearing aid. So for those still confused about whether to get a hearing aid for themselves or not, if this is what the experts say, go ahead and do that.

2.  How would a hearing aid help in my hearing loss-

Hearing loss is four degree-mild, moderate, severe, and profound. Hearing aids are generally recommended for those with severe or profound hearing loss. This is something that an expert can only diagnose after carrying out hearing tests Chelsea.

There are various hearing aids available, but you need to understand your requirement and choose the one that works best for you. Once you wear the hearing aid, it amplifies the sound ad, making it easier and more convenient for you to listen and participate in different conversations.

3. Is the hearing test painful?

Not at all. Hearing tests, Chelsea is a very simple and noninvasive test conducted by the expert to check how well are to ears can hear different sounds of different frequencies. This hearing tests Chelsea also enables the therapist o come to conclusions about which type of hearing aid would suit you the best.

This is because different types of hearing aids solve different functions. So to make sure that the appropriate type of hearing aid is advised, the hearing tests Chelsea is an essential part.

4. Can I wear any hearing aid available in the market?

The answer to this is NO. There are mainly two types of hearing aids available in the market, which are further available in different styles. N is the in-the-ear hearing aid, and the other is the behind-ear hearing aid.

As the name suggests, In the ear (ITE) hearing aid is made to insert inside the ear, and the behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing is used behind the ears.

Both of these work differently and serve different purposes. Choosing the right one for yourself is important because the choice matters a lot. Chelsea, the therapist who conducted the hearing tests, would also guide you.

ITE type of hearing aid is mostly advised for those with mild to severe hearing loss, whereas the BTE hearing aid can be used for any hearing loss by anyone of any age.

5.  Do I need hearing aids for both ears-

It’s like asking if I can wear the glasses only on one eye. But to be more clear, even if you have more profound hearing loss and a lesser degree in the another one, it is still advisable to wear hearing aids for both unless the other one is working perfectly fine.

6. Do hearing aids help me reduce background sound?

Yes, they do. But the quality of background sound they reduce depends on the brand, quality, and hearing aid you are using. Different models have different features and capacities to reduce background sounds.

Hearing loss refers to the state in which the person cannot hear either wholly or partially.

There are three major types of hearing loss depending on the type of occurrence-

  • Sensorineural
  • Conductive hearing loss
  • Mixed hearing loss

There are three major types of hearing loss depending on the type of occurrence-

You can also visit Chelsea Hearing for all your hearing aids-related queries.

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