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The La Rioja Wine Tour in LaGuardia That Will Take Your Breath Away

The La Rioja Wine Tour in LaGuardia That Will Take Your Breath Away

Are you looking for an amazing La Rioja wine tour experience in LaGuardia? La Rioja wines are famous around the world and it’s no wonder why! This area has some of the most prestigious wineries in the world. Which produce some of the best wines available in the market today! The problem is that it can be hard to know exactly-where to go. How to get there, and what to expect once you arrive. Why we decided to create our wine tours of La Rioja. You can have an excellent experience from start to finish.

What Is La Rioja? (LaGuardia)

The wine region of La Rioja is located northwest of Madrid and is one of Spain’s major wine-producing regions. The capital city, Logronno, is home to more than 20 wineries. It has a humid continental climate with long hot summers and cold winters. So in order to travel by air within your budget, Southwest Airlines Reservations book a flight should be your first choice. The region’s distinct cuisine combines Riojan ingredients with regional Spanish recipes such as chorizo made from local free-range pigs.

Things To Do In Spain (LaGuardia)

No matter how many times you’ve been to Spain, it never fails to surprise. There are countless villages and cities to visit, sites to see, museums to tour and things to do. And while it may not be easy (or even possible) for a first-time visitor. We highly recommend setting aside time for a wine tour in one of Spain’s best known wine regions: La Rioja. Set between Madrid and Bilbao, La Rioja is filled with life and culture—not only from its own inhabitants. But also from all of those who travel there from other Spanish destinations throughout each year. With plenty of activities like great food, fantastic wine tasting and beautiful architecture…it’s hard not to fall for La Rioja!

#1 Winery Visit In Spain (LaGuardia)

Miguel Torres Winery sits on a ridge of mountains with incredible views of La Rioja. The entire production process takes place on site. You’ll experience not only a beautiful winery. A tour that explores the various processes from grape growing to making wine. If you visit during harvest season, you can even help pick grapes or press wine! You’ll love both their white wines and reds; my favorite is one of their dessert wines called Vino de los Dioses which means Wine of Gods.

Close To Madrid – A Day Trip Getaway

La Guardia is a great option for those looking to go on a day trip close to Madrid. The city itself is charming and unassuming, featuring winding streets and picturesque architecture that make it feel like you’re staying in a Spanish village. One of my favorite things about touring Spain is getting out of Madrid and other major cities, which are always booming with energy and full of tourists. For an authentic getaway from it all, plan your vacation around visiting wineries: Grab some wine (obviously), picnic fare, and enjoy some downtime! Here’s what you need to know about planning your wine tour

Top Things To Do Nearby

Spain is home to countless captivating cities and towns with cultural attractions, beautiful vistas, unique architecture and mouth watering local food. While there are plenty of beautiful destinations nearby, nothing compares to visiting a winery when you’re traveling for leisure. In LaGuardia’s province of Rioja lies some of Spain’s best vineyards that have been producing wine since at least Roman times—including familiar names like Zuccardi and Lopez de Heredia. For those traveling through Northern Spain who love wines as much as they love breathtaking natural views, a day trip to one of these wineries may be well worth it!

Where to Eat In La Rioja

There’s no better way to discover a city than through its food. In La Rioja, tapas are king. Be sure to try one of these: roasted peppers, tortilla espannola (Spanish omelet), bacalao fritters, and jamoon serrano (air-dried ham). Next is wine tasting. It would be a shame not to include a visit to Vitoria-Gasteiz and its enormous wine cellars—La Cava del Museo de las Caves.

Stay In These Villas & Apartments

With its stunning scenery and world-class wineries, there are many places to stay in LaGuardia. However, if you want to immerse yourself into local culture while also enjoying comfort and luxury, you should try staying at one of these stunning villas and apartments. These will allow you to experience a genuine Spanish village while being only minutes away from some of Spain’s best attractions. For those who love wine and nature, these amazing places will prove ideal accommodations for your visit to La Rioja Wine Country. In fact, they could be just what you need to make your vacation stand out among other wine tours!

How to Get There

The city of LaGuardia is centrally located in Spain, making it an easy day trip from other major Spanish cities. Flights to Madrid’s Barajas International Airport take approximately one hour and 20 minutes and cost around $90-$120 round-trip on discount airlines like Ryanair or EasyJet. Then simply hop on a local bus into town. The bus fare is just over five Euros. There are also hourly trains from Madrid’s Atocha railway station that run along A-2 highway into town (fares cost 4 Euros). However, be sure to double check departure times as schedules can change. The train takes about 45 minutes longer than by bus but it’s worth trying since it offers fantastic views of vineyards and rivers along your journey.

Transportation from Bilbao Airport

The starting point for any visit to La Rioja is Bilbao Airport. Also known as Bilbao-Loiu Airport, it’s only 8 kilometers away from La Guardia and a trip that takes only 15 minutes, but you’ll likely have to book transportation to be sure you get there on time. There are a few options available: hire a private taxi, take an airport shuttle or take advantage of public transportation. The last option can save you some money if you make use of Bilbao’s bus system, but keep in mind that it’s only open until 11 pm on weekdays and 10 pm on weekends. Flights to Toronto start at $39. Southwest Airlines offers flights from the United States. If you need extra time getting back to your hotel or airport at night, hiring a taxi might be your best bet.

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