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What is the benefit of landing in the bathrooms?

When you think about home improvement projects, the bathroom is not generally the first room that comes to mind. However, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house.

It′s often one of the only rooms that you see in your home every day. This blog will primarily look at the importance of bathroom renovations and the different things that you can do to improve your bathroom.

The landing is that the level of the bathroom slab is lower than the level of the entire floor.

It is preferable to descend the entire perimeter of the bathroom, so that the bathroom is surrounded by concrete, as if it is surrounded by an inverted bridge, with an emphasis on reinforcement and adherence to the concrete cover.


Who says that the goal of the landing is a step for the sewage plumbing works; I advise him to stay away from the traditional method of sewage plumbing?

 Plumbing is prohibited inside concrete, and sewage plumbing is prohibited with landing.

The benefit of landing:

 First: the goal is to separate the bathroom tile from the rest of the floor to be a solid tile of two iron layers, each layer brushes and iron cover 16 mm.

 Second: In the event of any future leaks, the landing will be a trap to collect water, and then it will be drained through a pipe planted in the sewage system.

 Third: The landing facilitates the extension of the internal water pipe network, such as the Pix and Thermal System.

 Fourth: Some say that the benefit from it is to extend the sewage pipes, such as the sink pipe and the extension of the air conditioning.


I do not recommend extending the sink or shower pipe above the landing, and this process will only succeed by descending completely to the bathroom tile.

Also, connecting or extending the sink, shower, and bathtub pipes directly to the purifier will be a source of doors and the breeding of bacteria and insects.

The shower pipe and the sink should be hung under the ceiling of the bathroom, such as the faucet, the toilet, the faucet, and the bathtub.

The mechanism of action of insulation for landing:

  • Clean the bathroom from bone and plaque residues.
  • Making the bathroom floor to make tendencies towards the purity.
  • Implementation of insulation works.
  • Make a hole in the filter and insulate around it tightly or put a piece of 1 inch pipe and insulate around it with epoxy for any future leaks.
  • Implementation of pix or thermal plumbing work with the extension of the air conditioning pipe while maintaining waterproofing.
  • Do a pressure test for the water wiring network.
  • The work of burial to land with gravel and over the gravel is paving or make a mixture with levelling it towards the purity using a screed and a scale, and then paving with glue.

This blog gave you information about the landing slab or flat slab. Slab Landing in the bathroom. What is its use and why is it used?

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