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The Excellent Guesstimate Interview Questions

The Excellent Guesstimate Interview Questions

Have you ever gotten the chills when guesstimate questions that required you to make an educated guess? Do you want to know the most prevalent types of interview questions and the possible solutions to those inquiries? Gaining familiarity with estimates is crucial if you want to work in consulting. Understanding the size of the local market is key to providing satisfactory responses to these inquiries. This article will cover the most often asked guesstimate questions and their respective solutions. Most interviewers in management positions use hypothetical situations to gauge candidates’ ability to make decisions, analyze critically, and solve problems. Your best guesses and best estimates are all you need to determine the correct responses to these guesstimate questions. The quality of your response, rather than the correctness of your answer, is what matters when faced with such situations. Let’s investigate some often-asked questions more thoroughly.

Procedure for Answering Conjectural Questions

The first step in finding a proxy is to learn as much as possible about the guesstimate question’s focus area, including the market’s size and type. Feel free to ask the interviewer some clarifying questions. But remember that you can’t probe for the solution by asking leading questions. You may request yes or no answers to single-line inquiries.

Dissect the issue: You can use pencil and paper to figure out the answer if you just take a stab at it. Dissect the issue and find solutions.

Using your best guesses as to the size of the market, you’ll need to do some sums to conclude.

Solve each subproblem independently, and then see if you can put together the solutions to get the whole.

Things to keep in mind

No definite conclusions: Interview guesstimate questions based on assumptions are inaccurate. The results are always approximations.

Don’t bother looking for fractions; if you’re answering a question that requires only an educated guess, there’s no need to worry about precision.

Take notes; jot down the results of any calculations you do.

Maintain constant dialogue regarding the written computations.

Questions to Ask in an Interview That Are Usually Guesses

In Mumbai, how many cups of tea were drunk last month?

First, you should read the guesstimate questions and then break them down into manageable chunks. About 20% of Mumbai’s 18 crore residents are believed to be children, and it’s quite unlikely that any of them drink tea. There are another 10% of people who don’t drink at all, 20% who drink tea occasionally, 20% who drink tea consistently, and the other 30% who drink tea daily. As a result, we can classify tea drinkers into three categories: those who partake daily, once a day, and once a week, and those who do not partake at all.

Here’s how we got there: daily population multiplied by the number of cups of tea drunk each day percent of the total population per week


Drinks once every other week = 1*1*0.2 = 0.2

Seven times three times 0.2 is four points two, which is the formula for a regular drinker.

Each regular drinker consumes around 6.5 x 1.6 billion, or 10.4 cups per week, and this amounts to 41.6 billion cups every month.

Second, what percentage of Indians own iPhones?

Likely, few Indians under the age of 25 or above the age of 65 own an iPhone. Thus, we shall not include those individuals comprising 40% of the population. Roughly 1.39 billion people call India home. Even if we take out the folks who have never owned an iPhone, that still leaves 834,000,000 people. Apple’s iPhone is within reach of the well-to-do and the middle-to-upper class. We will eliminate 14% of the lower middle class from this list when iPhone prices rise. While only 3.2% of the population can afford an iPhone, the remaining 717 million can. There are approximately 22 million iPhone users in India.

Thirdly, how many refrigerators are sold annually in India?

If we assume that each of India’s 130 million families consists of four people, we get a total of about 450 million people. As a result, there are 32,500,000 households. People can be roughly categorized as either poor, middle-class, or wealthy. In addition, there is a clear distinction between the major cities, secondary/tertiary cities, and smaller communities. Rich people in every city are presumed to own refrigerators.

Here, we break down the percentages by type.

Metro areas have poverty rates of 20%, 40%, and 20%, respectively.

For the middle class of Tier II and Tier III cities: rich = 40%, 50%, 10%

60 % of the villagers are impoverished; 38 % are middle-class; 2 % are wealthy.

When evaluating refrigerator sales, brand-new units and used ones replaced after a decade must be considered. Thus, all these elements decide the sum.

How much do you think the elephant weighs in comparison to the ant?

As an example, let’s say that elephants weigh an average of 3600 kilograms while ants weigh an average of 3 milligrams.

If we change kilograms to milligrams, we find that an elephant weighs three billion milligrams. As thus, the proportion is 3,600,000,000:3, or 120,000,000:1 milligram.

Can a car hold a full racket of tennis balls?

Determine the car’s interior volume. You need to establish two things before proceeding: (1) Is the automobile empty? Car makes and models come in at a close second. Then, we need to determine the tennis ball’s volume, for which we’ll use a length of 2 inches. The formula for volume is (4 PI r3).

The ball has a volume of 4 3 13 = 12.

The car’s volume needs to be determined, therefore let’s do the math. Take the dimensions to be 800 inches in length, 80 inches in breadth, and 60 inches in height.

8008060=1500000in is the volume of the vehicle.

Let’s say there’s a total of 500 thousand liters accessible after taking off the trunk and back seat.

Calculate the number of balls needed to fill the automobile. There can be as many as 500 thousand twelve tennis balls in a car.

How many square feet of pizza are consumed monthly in the United States, and what is the average size of a pizza?

There are about 300 million people in the United States, so that’s something to think about. Hypothetically, two hundred million people enjoy pizza every week. Because the typical pizza eater consumes two slices per meal and two pizzas per month. That works up to about four slices every month for one person. The slice is 30 inches long if a standard pizza is 6 inches in diameter. So, the area of 4 pieces of pizza is 120 square inches.

Just to recap:

Approximately 300,000,000 individuals call this planet home.

Two hundred million people consume pizza every year.

Standard pizza measures 30 square inches in area.

Four slices of pizza each month by the average person equals 120 square inches, assuming a foot per person.

Twenty hundred Million Square Feet Per Month


Speculative interview inquiries and strategies for responding to them were the subjects of this piece. There is no such thing as a 100% accurate answer when it comes to guesstimate questions because the answers are always approximations. Interviewers use this kind of question to gauge your critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Your strategy will determine your grade, even if you answer a question incorrectly. To that end, we applaud the article’s success. Feel free to ask any follow-up questions in the feedback section.

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