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The Complete Guide to Smart 8K TVs

When it comes to smart TVs, there is a lot of information, branding, and marketing out there.  It can confuse even the most experienced consumer in the market for a new Smart TV.

After all, 8K is such a specific number that it’s hard to not want to dive deeper into the definition. That what all this has to do with your next TV purchase.

Not so long ago, only mobile phones were capable of streaming videos.

Today we are literally spoiled for choice when it comes to watching television shows and films. Be it live TV, on-demand services, or hardcore gaming. Just plug your Apple TV in. And connect your Amazon Firestick to the HDMI port and you’ll get hundreds of channels from around the world. 

Moreover, everything from a huge range of genres and sources,:news, sport, music video and films etc. That is the choosing dilemma for 8K TVs. But you still have to choose the best 8K UHD Smart TV that will support all those great features. To avoid this pain I’m going to give you my top picks that you should consider.

Smart televisions are here, and they’re about to change the way we watch TV. As technology advances, so do the smart TVs that feature more than just watching programs. We no longer have to worry about searching for channels or spending the first five minutes setting up our remotes. Now, we can simply sit back, lean back, and enjoy a vibrant display. That connects us to everything we love around us. Before you ask yourself, what is an 8K smart TV? Let’s explain everything there is to know about it.

What Is An 8k Resolution?

8K resolution is currently considered to be the highest quality video resolution available today. This was derived from the previous top quality of 4K. While it may seem like a lot, the 8K resolution is actually the equivalent of watching 4 full HD screens stacked on top of each other. Let’s dive in to find out more about this awesome new technology and how you can benefit from it.

8K resolution is the superlative of video display standards. It has the highest 8K resolution that provides four times the image quality of ultra-high definition (UHD), or four times higher than the high-definition image quality we are accustomed to now. It also carries sound twice as good as 7.1-ch digital audio. The resolutions that come after will be 9K, 10K and ultimately 11K.

How Many Pixels Are In An 8k Tv?

If you want to find out a quick and simple way on how many pixels are in an 8K TV, then you’ve landed in the right article. An 8K TV is basically a display resolution that has a horizontal resolution of approximately 7,680 pixels. By the end of this article, you’ll know how many pixels are in an 8K TV as well as other useful information related to it.

Best 8k Smart Tvs

These days, whether you’re looking for a new desktop computer or a new TV, you’re likely to do some comparison shopping first. And with the wide range of modern TVs available, there’s plenty of variety to choose from. 

The size, color quality (if it’s an HD monitor), screen resolution, and technology in some models are just a few features that you probably have your eye on. With all these features, one major thing to remember would be – “what is the best smart TV I can get?” And the short answer would be – 8K Smart TV.

The following are the best 8k smart tvs: Sony’s 2018 X900F Series, Samsung’s 2018 Q900FN Series, Vizio’s 2018 P-Series, Quantum LG’s 2018 W-Series, Toshiba’s 2018 X950G Series.

8k Tvs Feel Like An Exciting Step Forward

TVs have been the same for years. You’ve got 4K and UHD TVs, but if you wanted even more resolution and sharper images, you’d have to drop a massive chunk of cash on an 8K TV. But today’s 8K TVs feel like an exciting step forward. They’re not very big yet but as we get into 2019 and beyond, there will be bigger and better 8K TVs to embrace.

High-definition is being replaced with a combination of ultra high definition, 4K resolution and wide color gamut. And this is all just the beginning – TV manufacturers are pushing even further with 8K resolution and high dynamic range. We see 8K TVs as an exciting step forward, as various technologies get pushed to their limits – both related and unrelated to display technologies themselves.

8k Is The Best Spot For Most Tv Shoppers

There are a lot of choices when it comes to shopping for an 8K smart TV, but which one should you get? And more importantly, which ones can you buy with $250?

Numerous companies manufacture and sell 8K TV sets. LCD and OLED are the two most popular display technologies out there and they cover practically all of the world’s best 8K smart TVs. There are great choices in all sizes, from a massive 88-inch display all the way to a pocket-friendly 48-inch model. You will have no problem finding an 8K TV with an interface that you can navigate easily.

These days, flat-screen TV sets have become a common commodity in most houses. However, back in the day, things were quite different. There was only a handful of channels to watch and there wasn’t much quality in what they showed. And frankly, it was quite boring. But thankfully, the advent of affordable HD and 4K smart TVs came along, making things more exciting and interesting.

Best 8k Smart Tvs Under $500

If you want to buy an affordable 8K TV but don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. Despite the negative attitude towards 8K content and the lack of available 8K content, it doesn’t stop manufacturers from crafting them. Today, this review will be focused on only one available model in the cheapest possible price range: Sony smart 8k tv.

No Hdr Standard Exists For 8k Tv Yet

While the next generation of TV sets is still quite a way out, and UHD is only just starting to make an impact in consumers’ homes, Samsung has unveiled a TV that will be ready for the 8K revolution when it hits.

The 105in monitor, known as The Wall and built in collaboration with video giant Sony Pictures Entertainment, supports 30fps 4K and 60fps 8K, but currently there’s no standard for 8K HDR TV.

Sanjay Parbhu, Director of product marketing at Samsung UK said: “There is no HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma — an HDR technology standard developed by the BBC and Japanese broadcaster NHK) for 8K, so we don’t know what this will look like yet.”

8K is the next generation of ultra HD TV and displays seven times as many pixels is 4K (33 million pixels in total) — that’s four times more than 1080p. It’s a big deal, and it will change the way we watch TV. But so far, there isn’t a standard for High Dynamic Range (HDR) 8K TV.

It may sound like a distant dream: the 8K or ultra HDTV. But manufacturers are starting to seriously work on 8K technology. They’ve even formed an official working group to develop a standard that will be in place by 2019.

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