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The body gets these benefits from the practice of Makarasana

Makarasana is also known as Crocodile Pose. This gives 8 benefits to the body. Know in the article what are the benefits of doing it.

In today’s hectic life, most people are facing the problem of joint, slipped disc, and back pain. Makarasana yoga is very helpful for such people. This asana is also known as Crocodile Pose. While doing this asana, our body looks like a crocodile. Crocodile is called Makara in Sanskrit, hence the name of this yoga is Makarasan. It is not that it only gives us relief from back or spine problems. There are many benefits of Makarasana. Let us know about the benefits of Makarasana in this article.

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Makarasana affects all parts of the body:

Makarasana affects almost all parts of the body. This increases the immunity of the body. You also get rid of cold and cough with this asana. If people troubled by increasing obesity do this asana daily, then weight can also be reduced. The yoga instructor said- If you are having pain in your legs, shoulders, elbows, or neck, then definitely do this asana. This asana is also beneficial in insomnia.

Method of doing Makarasana:

  • Select an open place to do this asana
  • Then lay down on the mat on your stomach
  • And after this keeps both the elbows on the ground
  • And now without raising the elbows, move the head and shoulders upwards
  • Make a palm stand (cup-shaped) and place the chin on it
  • take a deep breath and exhale deeply
  • If there is more force on the waist in this sequence, then lighten and spread the elbows.
  • After doing all these things, you will come into the position of Makarasan.
  • Slowly move both the legs from the bottom up, then slowly from the bottom to the top
  • It’s one cycle, can do ten cycles like this

Benefits of doing Makarasana:

Reduces pain: By doing this asana, pain in the legs, shoulders, elbows, and neck gets relief. It also ends knee pain.

Relief from Asthma and Heart Disease: Exhaling and taking deep breaths while doing Makarasana provides relief from asthma and heart-related diseases.

Insomnia away: If this asana is done regularly, then the problem of insomnia is relieved. People sleep well.

The mind becomes calm and concentrated: This asana is more beneficial for children. By doing Makarasana, your mind becomes calm and focused. For children who do not feel like reading, if they do this asana, then it will be very beneficial for them.

Lower back pain: If you have a problem with back pain, then definitely do this asana. It makes the spine flexible and reduces stress in it. Relieves the problems related to the muscles of the body. Eliminates slipped discs. Reduces tension in the muscles of the spine and shoulders.

Removes body fatigue: By doing this asana, the fatigue of the body is removed. Reduces stiffness of the neck. Along with toning the abdominal muscles and removing the problem of constipation, it also cures many diseases related to the stomach.

Get rid of spondylitis: If we do Makarasan in the right way every day, then the disease of spondylitis will be cured. The problem of sciatica will also get relief. And this asana also removes small disorders of the body.

Get rid of hypertension: Makarasana provides relief from hypertension and mental diseases. To avoid this disease, do Makarasan daily.

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Be careful while doing yoga:

By the way, yoga is beneficial to remove the problems of the body. If there is a problem or any disease in your body, then by the practice of some yoga asanas, those diseases of the body can be got rid of. But for this, we must also take necessary precautions. Take these precautions.

  • Do not do this asana in a noisy or noisy place. Do the asana in a place where there is peace. And if you do not do it in a peaceful place, then the mind and mind will not be calm, if the mind is not concentrated then there will be no use in doing asanas.
  • If you have a lot of pain in your waist, back, and neck or if there is an injury in these parts, then do not do Makarasana, otherwise, your problem may increase. And if there is another health-related problem, then do Makarasana with the advice of a doctor and do asanas only after talking to a yoga instructor.
  • If you are suffering from obesity and have high blood pressure, then you should not practice Makarasana, doing it can harm you.
  • While practicing Makarasana, the body should not be rotated, the body should be kept straight, otherwise, there may be many problems in the body.
  • The body should not be stressed while doing Makarasana. If you do this asana with a calm mind, only then it will be beneficial.

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