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The Big Noes Of Carpet Cleaning!

Did you ever think that your carpet would become your biggest concern someday when you went to buy it? Oh yes, this new addition to your house looks oh so welcoming with everything lovely and enticing about it. It matched your decor so beautifully. Not to forget that added comfort factor that it brought to your space! However, how can you forget, like everything else, your carpet requires cleaning as well? So, this is the biggest concern that we were stressing about.

Do not do these things to your carpet! 

When you open the user’s guidance after installing the carpet, you get the list of actions to do with your carpet. Even the Internet is full of handy ideas on this matter. But have you come across a site that specifies you not to do something? If not, then here you are! Read about the big no of carpet cleaning! 

  • Do not let the dirt settle in your carpet – There is a vast difference between dust that stays on the top layer of the carpet and the dirt that submerges to its roots. We know you carefully vacuum this surface daily and make it dust-free entirely. But what about the soil that directly penetrates its fibre and not just makes the carpet wear down before time! Well, this increases the chances of infections too! It requires a deep, thorough cleaning — something only professionals from Carpet Cleaning Professionals Sydney providing cheap carpet cleaning in Sydney can achieve. They guarantee a hundred per cent customer satisfaction and the use of the latest techniques and ideas to ensure your carpet stays germ and dirt-free totally.
  • Do not let your carpet stay wet – Whether through your DIY cleaning methods or due to a storm or flood, if your carpet becomes totally wet, do not let it remain in this condition. It can cause mould formation on this surface that can eventually destroy and infest the entire carpet. The foul smell on this surface with the increased risk of infection is something to consider too.
  • Never treat your carpet without acknowledging its material –Many of you do not even view the kind of material your carpet is of and start cleaning it in traditional ways. Remember, carpet fibres like acrylic or polyester demand different care and have unique washing instructions compared to the ones in wool or olefin and so on. Treating them in weird ways will only shorten their lives and steal the glam from this surface.
  • Do not be too harsh on your carpet – Do you think vigorous brushing on the carpet surface with a hard-edged brush will make it cleaner? Well, you need to think again! Carpets can never get their lost gleam black once harsh cleaning methods trample it. Be gentle and treat the fibres with care if you want them to last long and adorn your house.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals and bleach to clean your carpetings – We have seen individuals resorting to using heavily bleached and chemicalised detergent to get rid of the stubborn stains on the carpet. Why? Are you not aware that it can bleach and ruin the beautiful colour of the surface instantly? Get some mild and effective carpet cleaning solution instead that acts only on the stains and does not hamper the beauty of this surface.
  • Do not ignore the stains on this layer for long – Do you often delay cleaning the stains? Then, here is a bit of wise advice for you! You are only making matters worse and the cleaning complex by doing so. Tending to the stains on the spot reduces the risk of them staying for longer and increases the life of your carpet. 

We hope we are clear with the list of not-to-do actions with your carpet. Let us see if you take some inspiration and try treating it with more care and concern. After all, a carpet enters your space after a sizeable investment that definitely should not get wasted in anyways.

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