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The Best YouTube Video Promotion Service Providers In 2022

The Best YouTube Video Promotion Service Providers In 2022

The use of technology and viral video marketing strategies are just two examples of how marketing has changed over the past few years. Let’s look at some advice for making a viral video. By 2022, video marketing statistics indicate that 82% of all consumer traffic will be made up of videos. Customers can engage with a brand through video marketing by getting a visual understanding of what it is the company is delivering. The video must, however, inspire and catch the attention of the target audience, even if it is an essential component of almost any marketing strategy. Viral video marketing is the best way to make a video go viral and thus successfully increase a brand’s permeability. In this article I have compiled the best YouTube video promotion service providers, so that you can do that.

Top 6 YouTube Video Promotion Services

Video Boosters Club

Video Boosters Club is a video marketing service that may assist you in promoting your own content by utilising their platform. Prior to anything else, start a campaign, find your video, set a spending cap, and establish who your target audience is. Then your movie will be distributed through Video boosters club’s reputable social network, publisher, and bloggers. The right people will view your film, you’ll gain more notoriety, and you can monitor the results in real time. The required campaign spending minimum is $10 USD.


You may pinpoint your target audience and block uninterested viewers with the help of the intelligent targeting algorithm Promozle. As a result, you get actual audience participation and an activity tracking dashboard with real-time information. A YouTube video marketing company specifically designed for YouTube content creators. More than 10,000 channels have been promoted. Pricing ranges depending on your target criteria.


With the use of their platform, Promolta, a service for video marketing, can help you promote your own material. Create a campaign, look for your video, decide on a spending limit, and choose your target market before you do anything else. The trusted blogger, publisher, and social network of Promolta will then disseminate your film. You will become more well-known, your video will be seen by the correct people, and you can keep track of the outcomes in real time. $10 USD is the required campaign spending minimum.

Sparx IT

Affordably priced campaigning is available from Sparx IT, along with other services like increased video optimization, strategies to speed up and increase traffic, and video reporting that provides a whole YouTube video campaigning report. The YouTube video marketing solution is well regarded. One of the additional services they provide is the ability to design unique YouTube channels. They also provide content and audience targeting, text transcription, keyword and title generation, among many other services like integration with Google, campaign management, and compelling video syndication. To receive an estimate of costs for a particular project, get in touch with them.

Push Views

Push Views is an easy-to-use service with straightforward pricing, a quick turnaround (they start working on your video as soon as you subscribe), and a fantastic way to gain notoriety. Starting at US$ 10, you may begin promoting your YouTube videos. Push Views has collaborated with musicians whose work has appeared on Universal, MTV, BET, and many other reputable television corporations. It is a top-notch YouTube video production service.


With the aid of a clever targeting algorithm, Sprizzy, you may identify your target market and exclude uninteresting viewers. Consequently, you receive genuine audience involvement and a real-time analytics dashboard to keep track of all activities. As of 2016, Sprizzy has been a family-run business. It is a YouTube video marketing firm made just for YouTube content producers. Even it aided in the introduction of key Android and iOS applications. It has promoted over 10,000 channels. Depending on your target criteria, pricing starts at $50 and provides you with 2,000 views.


With their artificial intelligence engine, Emerse, a YouTube video SEO service, uses A/B/N-Test to test different creative ad concepts. Any DSP or media buying platform can use it without any issues. They have been developing technology for more than 10 years, and they are at the forefront of creating technology that creates investments for marketers that will provide larger returns. Due to their professional staff, they assist clients in creating programmatic advertising plans so they can receive the gmostreatest complicated ad-tech and digital media marketing. They serve a wide range of clients, from US election campaigns to businesses in the gaming and e-commerce industries on the international stage. You can arrange for a trial to try it out, and you’ll need to get in touch with them to learn more about your alternatives for payment.

Brand Burp

Brand Burp is a well-known YouTube video advertising company with over 2,000 clients and representing 500+ companies globally. Its YouTube promotion services include campaign management, video optimization, SEO, and keyword research. Additionally, it provides inexpensive traffic-boosting strategies, video reporting, and campaigning. Reaching your target audience and improving branding are all things that Brand Burp can do for you. Alongside YouTube, it also provides marketing services for websites, mobile apps, and other brands. You can ask for a quote to find out how much the desired service will cost you as they are presently providing 30% off on all jobs.


The list of the video promotion service providers are now in your hand. Now you can hire a video promotion company from this list and do video marketing for your company instead of buying YouTube subscribers.

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