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The Art of Setting Up a Post Pandemic Supermarket and 6 Ways to Do It

The new normal is a cruel reality that cannot be denied. It is better to get to this new world by taking as many precautions as possible. In most cases it is mild but you cannot deny millions of people who have died. To be able to cope up with living in such an environment can be quite a task, but we don’t have an option. They say precaution is better than cure and in this case, there is no other option.

The virus is mutating and thriving on social gatherings by the day. A visit to the supermarket or the grocery store cannot be avoided. It has to be taken because let us face it, everything cannot be delivered home. In the new scenario, supermarkets will have to revamp their establishment to make it safe for the shoppers as well as the staff that is working there. Here is a list of ways a visit to the supermarket can be made as safe as possible.

  • Pvc Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtains are amazingly easy-to-install and clean doorway solutions that are quite economical. They can be used at various sections of a supermarket to demarcate the place. This will make the sanitization of the place easy and economical. It also helps in air conditioning. The section is easy and practical. The transparent nature does not hamper the lighting or visibility beyond the strips. PVC strip curtains in Australia can be easily availed through various agencies like the Austcold industries who provide absolutely durable products to their clients.

  •  Socially Distanced Slots

Make socially distanced markings for the customers at all places in a supermarket. Make the customers understand that the rules need to be followed stringently and according to the slots, which otherwise can lead to heavy fines.

  • Digital Payments

Put a notice board that mentions only people who can make digital payments will be allowed inside the premises. It is just a question of applying certain applications on their mobile phones to make it go smoothly. Making digital payments will ensure that the interpersonal interactions will be reduced to a minimum at the billing section.

  • Not Allowing Anyone Inside Without the Masks

It is better to be called a dictator than to encourage a safe haven for the virus to prosper. Make it a point with all the customers that they will not be allowed inside the premises without a mask. It is always better to be safe than sorry. 

  • Isolating the Contacts as Soon as Someone Is Positive

Taking any signal of an infection lightly is the biggest mistake. Never take any infection lightly. This virus spreads like a wildfire and in order to be controlled needs to be acknowledged. If anyone amongst your staff members is tested positive, isolate them and their contacts immediately. This is absolutely essential for breaking the chain. Even if one contact is left to dwell around the place normally, the spread of infection can take an exponential turn.

  • Regular Tests

 Testing after regular intervals of time is absolutely essential. Sometimes asymptomatic patients can go unchecked and spread the virus to many more people. A supermarket is a public place where the probability of getting infected is very high. Therefore, getting the staff tested after a month or according to a plan is absolutely essential. Testing, isolation, and quarantine are the road to a pandemic-free world.

Small precautions will go a long way in defeating the pandemic. It is only a question of following certain guidelines without any fail. A supermarket is a vulnerable ecosystem that needs to exist safely and following the above guidelines will definitely make its operation safer.

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