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The 6 Types of Ethical Hackers You May Come Across Online

The 6 Types of Ethical Hackers You May Come Across Online

Nowadays, Types of Ethical Hackers come in all different shapes, sizes, and intentions. We’ll list the top six categories of hackers you might encounter online. it’s simple to imagine a tech-savvy loner in a hoodie trying to access a network for information by looking at the mountain of cybercrime news that’s available. But times have evolved. Technology and security practices aren’t the only things that alter. Hackers are developing as well.

Knowing who is behind the attacks is also crucial for correctly identifying hacking attempts. Never judge a hacker by their appearance because it could be a completely different facade from what you believe.

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Online hackers with six distinct personalities and Types of Ethical Hackers

The White Hat Hacker

White hat hackers are the least malicious of the group; they break into secured systems to either test their security or carry out vulnerability analyses for a client. They typically work for a security firm that produces security software or products and seeks to identify flaws in the software before making it available for public or commercial use. Ormandy, a Google employee, discovered and reported the Cloudbleed bug that was affecting millions of websites globally.

White hat hackers may employ techniques used by “mal-intentioned” hackers, but they do not use the information they have discovered for malicious purposes. Simply put, a white hat hacker operates ethically, and becoming one is even possible through training programs and certifications.

The Black Hat Hacker

The majority of people probably associate “hacker” with a black hat hacker when they hear the word. The black hat hacker is the opposite of the white hat hacker in that they always have their own interests in mind rather than the welfare of society. They enjoy breaking security and breaking into systems; they are also known as “crackers.” Black hat hackers, who differ from hacktivists who have a political motivation for their hacking, typically intend to make money from breaking into systems or simply do so to satisfy a desire for mischief.

The Grey Hat Hacker

The grey hat hacker is, as you might have guessed, a hybrid of the white hat and black hat hackers. Even though a grey hat hacker may transgress a few laws and rules, they typically lack the same level of malice as a black hat hacker. The grey hat hacker will not go to the effort to obtain permission before breaking into systems, whereas the white hat hacker will always hack under supervision or with prior consent.

Instead of reporting the vulnerability to the authorities or the company, a grey hat hacker will probably offer to fix it for a fee, taking advantage of the opportunity to gain some money. Grey hat hackers contend that they only break the law to aid others, but because of the nature of their trespassing, businesses may decide to pursue legal action rather than value the “help.”

The Hacktivist

A hacktivist uses the computer and network industries to advance a political cause. Hacktivists cover a wide range of topics, from free speech to information access to disproving conspiracies. Without reporting to a boss or an organization, many hacktivists collaborate to achieve a common objective.

Even non-IT professionals are aware of hacktivist organizations like Anonymous, which have been politically active for the past ten years. Hacktivist organizations aim to use their expertise in computer programming to bring about change in the real world, whether that change is battling terrorist organizations or encouraging protests in retaliation.

The Script Kiddie

This is a novice hacker who wants to be one. It takes time to obtain a Ph.D., just like it is challenging to advance through the ranks to become a proficient hacker. Because script kiddie is typically incapable of breaking into a sophisticated system, they tend to stick to poorly protected systems. Because they lack the skills to create their own code, this “kid” may also obtain ready-made scripts or codes from other sources. The careers of script kids are typically brief because they may lack the discipline and creativity necessary to become skilled hackers.

The Green Hat Hacker

The green hat hacker is a novice in the hacking game, unlike a script kiddie, but he or she is committed to mastering it. A hacker who is new to hacking and receives criticism for it, having little to no knowledge of the inner workings of the web, is also known as a neophyte or “noob.” Green hat hackers can seriously harm a system without being aware of what they’ve done, and worse, without knowing how to undo it. Although it might seem unlikely that this newbie will cause any significant problems, this is because they are unaware of their own actions.

Although it’s simple to categorize hackers as either good or bad, things aren’t always that simple (pun intended). Regardless of the hacker’s hat color, it’s crucial to recognize the variations in their methods, outcomes, and objectives. Once you are aware of the motivations, it might be simpler to seek help or find a more effective security measure to protect your data and applications.

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